Microsorum Windelov and Anubias Duet

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  • Dimensions: Approx 35cm long
  • Model: 008N YWX
  • Origin: Cultivated
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These incredible piece of bogwood has beautiful plants grown on them. The Microsorium and Anubias are such easy plants to keep they will cause you no troubles what so ever. Add some fertilisers to your tank on a regular basis is a sensible idea to keep them looking in tiptop condition.

Simply place this beautiful piece of wood wherever you like on the bottom of your tank and then sit back and appreciate the beauty.

This is a typical example however each piece will vary. In addition, the Microsorum is sometimes the Windelov version and other times the standard version. Both equally beautiful.

by CHRISTOPHER K. on 18/5/2020

Pricey compared to the other similar pieces. That said, it's a striking piece, sinks fast and stays put. Very healthy, well attached plants. Lots of nooks and crannies for fish, shrimp etc.

by Brian S. on 13/3/2019

Nice piece of wood. Good clean healthy plants.

by Diane T. on 25/4/2017

Excellent product arrived very quick and well packaged. Well established plants on the wood and extremely healthy. Have ordered other items since...

by Graham Murdoch on 22/5/2016

Arrived in perfect condition and is now a great centre piece to my small tank

by John Moncrieff on 8/9/2015

Lovely shaped piece of bogwood,and good, large plants attached. The courier was very slow delivering and I was a tad worried how the plants would cope - they seem fine and were very well packaged. Would definitely buy more.

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