Micranthemum umbrosum

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  • Origin: North America
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Originating from the U.S the Micranthemum umbrosum is an exquisite foreground plant, its round leaves are just half a cm but are a brilliant shade of light green. It is adaptable to less light conditions and minimum fertilizers; however its best growth is spurred through light and carbon dioxide injection.

Very easy to shape using sharp scissors and a bit of training. Perfect for nano cubes.

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by Robert P.
This plant was recommended by Richard and is beautiful and growing well. Will soon need a trim. Arrived in perfect condition.

by Brenda N.
Lovely healthy plants! Great website and very quick delivery.

by Andrew B.
Good foreground plant which has grown really quickly. Had to trim it twice already. My corydoras love to root around in the foliage for food. Vibrant colour and requires little attention other than a haircut now and then.

by sheila C.
Arrived in good healthy condition

by Andrew B.
Arrived in good condition with lots of growth. Planted in foreground to add a carpeting effect. Growth has been steady and with light trimming they are now starting to branch out. I use liquid CO2 daily, and a weekly fertiliser to promote growth. Substrate is gravel top layer with Tropica soil beneath. Quality and service from Aqua Essentials is always great... I've never been disappointed.

by Joseph S.
Everything arrived in perfect condition. The plants exceeded my expectations, going to be ordering again in future. The delivery took place within the 1-2 days as well. Best website I've found to buy aquarium plants at very reasonable prices.

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how much is the postage?


Please see here https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/page.html?id=2

does it tend to grow upwards more ore does it tend to forma carpet? and if it grows up how tall does it get? (approx)

That all depends on how much light it gets but it generally stays low

so how tall would you say it gets? would it do as a background plant in a nano?

No it's a foreground plant

do you leave these plants in the pot or do you plant into substrate?


always remove from pots

Is this version of Micranthemum the Monte Carlo sp. ?



Apart from 123 grow do you have the MC variety in a pot like this?


not atm - sorry

Best way of attachment to wood


aqua fine line

This is starting to brown in my aquarium. Its growing but some leaves look to be dying. I've trimmed them but still not looking too healthy. I have a 60L, dose 1.2 ml flourish excell and 3.5 ml Neutro T every day. Lights on around 10 hours. Any advice welcome.


Lighting on for too long causing browning. Reduce to 7 hours per day.

Reduce carbon to 1ml per day - it could be nuking it.

Improve circulation.

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