Micranthemum Monte-Carlo - #1 Carpeting Plant

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Micranthemum 'Monte-Carlo' is found in cooler waters of Europe and has round and fresh green leaves. Larger than Hemianthus but smaller than Micromanthum umbrosum - it's a super foreground plant and VERY EASY TO GROW. In fact so easy, it's suitable for beginners who have never grown any plants before.

It's very forgiving and best to plant in groups and it's happy to grow under lower light and be shaded (most unusual). Will do better with liquid carbon (like Neutro CO2).

1 pot is sufficient for an area of 15x15cm so bear this in mind when working out how many pots you need. Each pot can be split up into 6 sections and then spread throughout that 15x15cm area.

by Gary W. on 22/2/2021

This plant came extreamly late and dead looking, i put it in my tank to see if it would bounce back at all, and is completely dead, very disappointed - money down the drain!

by Jonny M. on 5/2/2021

Great plant, delivered quickly, growing well

by L N K. on 1/2/2021

This plant arrived in good condition and looks great in my tank. Although I’ve only had it just over a week it looks very happy

by Gillian S. on 20/1/2021

This is a charming little plant, providing some visual interest at the lower level of the tank. It survived several unplanned days in a delivery van during snows, and is still looking fabulous some weeks later. The care that goes into growing and dispatching these plants is astonishing. I haven't yet introduced this plant to my fishes, so I don't know if they'll eat it, but that's par for the course! During lockdown I am using one of the tanks as a holding tank, as backup for the plants they eat! It provides a lovely aquatic garden to enjoy. I have no reservations at all about recommending this plant, and the others, to anyone. There's fantastic choice, good value, and all are well-loved at source!

by Wendy S. on 29/12/2020

A very healthy plant which I was able to divide into many. Growing slowly but well

by Gareth H. on 16/12/2020

growing like a trooper doing all the right things! deffo best ground cover

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Are these plants grown emersed or submersed? Thanks



can you post to australia


Yes but at your own risk

portion size ?


fairly similar to the picture 

is liquid carbon ok with these plants?



will it grow in sand ok?


It definitely prefers substrate but with a decent amount of root tabs will grow

I planted these in substrate and believe to have appropriate light as suggested, I feed everyday , all other plants that arrived seem to be doing well but these are tinged brown, I've noticed couple of same reviews, is there anything that can be done to revive them, it gets quite expensive if they just die off.


Improve water circulation 

reduce lighting intensity

add pressurised CO2 if you have it

add more fertilisers such as Neutro+

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