Mbuna Anubias Tree - Small 25cm

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The Mbuna's "trunk" is made of a hand-picked, interesting looking bit of root wood from the African savanna. The striking "treetop" consists of the dwarf spear leaf Anubias nana. The MBUNA are grown in special plastic green-houses under tropical conditions, so they carry on growing when you place them in your aquarium: "The "treetop" becomes thicker and larger and the loose, liana-like root "beards" are especially attractive. MBUNA look like venerable tropical rain forest giants in small format. With the MBUNA you can create decorative tree groupings or outright underwater forests.

Note: The picture shows a typical piece but each is of course different as it's a natural product. It will sink immediately and possibly release tannins into your water which is very natural.

If you are looking to remove tannins from your water we recommend using Seachem Purigen 100ml - this is a fantastic product that works brilliantly on tannins.

by Fleur B. on 21/3/2020

Wonderful looks lovely in my tank.

by Brian S. on 25/3/2019

Nice feature. Arrived just as the picture. Good mature healthy plant. Now growing more leaves just 2 weeks later.

by Sue H. on 9/9/2018

So impressed with these, they arrived in perfect condition due to the care taken in packing them and have been in my aquarium for a couple of weeks now and are looking absolutely fab.

by Peter L. on 22/2/2018

What a lovely piece, just sets the Aquascape off, and the fish love it. Arrived well packed and the plants very healthy, excellent.

by Craig M. on 24/3/2017

Lovely piece, just wish I'd purchased the larger version. Bought for my mbuna tank as they're little interested in Anubias, which continues to thrive.

by John C. on 30/9/2016

Good value growing nicely

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I’m new to the world of keeping fish and have freshwater tropical, will this be ok for them ?



Does the height of 25cm-30cm include the Anubias on top, or is that just the height of the trunk?


Each piece varies sometimes the wood is 25cm then the plant on top and another time it will be 25 cms including the plant, we currently have two in stock and they are both approximately 25 cms including the Anubias on top.

How tall is the current tree you have in stock (plant included?) How wide is the trunk roughly? Thank you!


I've just measure one piece - 20cm tall and 13cm wide at widest point

Would this plant be ok in a coldwater goldfish tank?


20C and up is fine for them

Would this be suitable for a 30 litre bio orb


How wide is the hole?

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