Marimo Wood - Nano 12cm

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Marimo on Wood is a wonderful way to add instant impact into your aquarium. This moss is very easy on the eye and there's something quite soothing about the green against the wood colour.

Simply place wherever you like, this moss requires almost zero care and as a result is perfect for beginners and up. Once in a while you may need to dust off any debris that gets stuck within the moss itself but that's about it.

by John M.
Interesting feature to add to your tank

by Michael W.
Very good value for money! I got a lovely piece of wood and some extra marimo moss balls. I also happened to have the superglue from this website too, and then took the very fine fishing wire off, split the other marimo in half with my hands, worked out a way to cover the entire top of the wood with moss with the two ends exposed and it has made the perfect breeding ground for my shrimps. I started with 20 and now have almost 40 and in no small part to this piece of wood/moss. I would recommend it even if you don't have shrimp, it has a lot of character.

by Amirul B.
The wood came in great condition. It is a lovely addition to my nano tank now.

by Cheryl McElroy
As always, excellent quality from Aqua Essentials. This is now in a small shrimp tank along with some HC on lava rock and looks spectacular. The wood has beautiful markings and really good growth of moss for my shrimp to stomp about in! Highly recommended for instant impact.

by Thomas Edward Wreford
Recieved very quickly,in excellant condition

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Should be fine

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