Marimo moss ball - Chladoflora - (2cm)

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  • Origin: Cultivated
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Chladoflora (marimo moss ball) is an unusual aquarium plant that is extremely easy to keep in tropical environments. Create a fetching look by scattering about the aquarium in clusters.

Needing virtually no attention, these attractive plants look great in any aquarium and are particularly popular with shrimp keepers. Shrimp will love to hop on them and spend hours cleaning away! This velvety, aquarium plant is on average 1-2cm. The picture shows 3 moss balls so if you wanted 3, you would need to add that number to your shopping cart.

Tip: If you moss balls are floating, give them a gentle squeeze under water so any air within them is squeezed out and replaced with water.

Note: Moss balls are a “wild-collected” product and it cannot be avoided to have hitchhikers with them.
However, we clean the moss balls thoroughly before sending them. They are stored at least 4 weeks out of the water which would kill anything that lives with them in water too. If any zebra mussel is found it is most likely dead and not harmful. They cannot spread either.

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by Andrea G.
Came in good condition. Look good in the tank.

by Christina B.
Healthy moss balls, however a lot smaller than I anticipated but that was my interpretation, sizing on website is accurate.

by Mark S.
Arrived on time and in perfect condition

by Lauren G.
Delivery was fast, but the person who packed them didn't close the seal on the plastic bag, so they turned up bone dry. I let them rehydrate for a few days so I could then clean them and add in them with my other Marimo balls (bought elsewhere), and was so shocked to find how unbelievably filthy they were. The water I cleaned them in was dark brown by the time I'd finished. I will absolutely not be putting them anywhere near my other Marimo balls. They have brown patches, which is a symptom of not enough light. They also don't hold a spherical shape, so clearly haven't been moulded often enough whilst being grown. I guess for the price I'm not sure why I expected decent Marimo balls...

by Emma W.
Ordered these in small size as I like to watch them grow. Arrived in great condition and my shrimp are loving them.

by ellie m.
Very quick delivery and all Marimo moss balls arrived in great condition, securely packed!

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Will they grow



One of my moss balls is falling apart, I tried re rolling it but it's not having any of it, it's just disintegrating.


That's unusual. If they split best tie onto wood.

How do they reproduce?


They don't reproduce, they just very slowly get bigger over time.

They need daily water change?



What do they eat ? If they eat



Would they even survive in an outdoor pond? And are they beneficial in any way?


Not over winter

How big do they grow to overtime? Do they come at 2cm and then grow to 3cm or.......jQuery111107290748574798573_1617823477788?


Very slow growth - unlikely to be noticeable 

Can you glue these down on rock, will they stay stuck and still grow ok


You can however they will need a good squeezing out to get them as dry as possible. Then use Superfish Aquarium Glue

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