Manzanita Aquarium Wood - Nano approx 15-25cm

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This is Small Manzanita - the picture does not reflect the piece you will receive and is purely an illustration.

Manzanita Wood is a highly sought after wood amongst hobbyists in the aquatic trade due to the fact that it comes from overseas so is not readily available in the UK and because it really is a stunning and captivating piece of wood to work with.

Each unique piece varies in shape, size and texture. Some are twisted, knotted and gnarled and some are long, branchy with a much rougher texture and fork like appearance. Both equally easy to work with.

Not only is this hardwood beautiful however it also provides a natural habitat for your fish and aquatic life. It is completely safe for shrimp and other inverts.

We always recommend that your wood is soaked for 24 hours before placing in the aquarium as this is a natural product so will need a light scrubbing to remove any debris.

Aquascapers can really get creative with this wood!



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