Lysimachia nummularia 'aurea'

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Extremely similar to the standard nummularia however the Lysimachia nummularia 'aurea' will tell you straight away if your aren't giving it enough attention and nutrients with stagnation and stunted growth.

This plant will decorate your tank with different strains of light and dark golden stems and looks particularly good if planted amongst some darker plants or rocks.

Suitable from 15-30

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by Gillian S.
A particular favorite of mine, it looks lovely, almost good enough to eat! Seems to do well in my aquaria, having also arrived in tip top condition, thanks!

by Ernest S.
Not the best-looking plant in my opinion there are nicer ones to choose

by Gillian S.
Always a beauty! These plants do well in my aquaria, and they look delightful. It's the pale green colour that's so arresting, and the delicate structure of the plant.

by Gillian S.
These plants look good enough to eat, with their succulent looking leaves - not that the fishes eat them! Conditions in our aquaria must be right for them, because they thrive. I particularly love the light green colour, which stands out from the other plants. Definitely one to stay with for the future.

by Wendy J.

by Deborah C.
Great plant. Arrived healthy, colour as pictured on my screen. Stunning bright green, beautiful round shaped small leaves from the base of the stock all the way up. Easy to divide and got several stocks from 1 pot, plenty for my 30 litre first aquarium. Planted the same day they arrived and after a week are already showing new growth. Would recommend this plant to all but especially those new to live aquarium plants.

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Would this plant be ok under medium light towards the top of the plant but in the shade from the middle down


yes it would be fine

Will shrimp or goldfish eat this ?


not sure - we cannot advise on this

Do you take them out the pots, or plant the pot too?


see here

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