Ludwigia Mini Super Red

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 30cm
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With a name like Ludwigia Mini Super Red, it's an eye catcher already! This rather neat looking stem plant grows up to 30cm in height and offers a welcomed colour addition into any aquarium. The red stems are striking as are the leaves which have red veins throughout.

Originating from North America, this fast growing needs heavy trimming to keep it bushy. One of our favourites!

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by Allen B.
This is a great plant that adds a splash of colour to the background of my aquarium. Plant arrived well packaged and in good condition despite a night spent in a sub zero Royal Mail sorting depot! So far growing well and maintaining its red colouration in moderate light and no CO2. Bit disappointed that there were only 5 stems in the pot though.

by Matt G.
Great plant, great health and good size thank you

by Jerome D.
This grew quite fast in my non CO2 tank and has deep dark red leaves.

by Jan M.
The plant arrived in good condition and is growing really well.

by Kerry G.
Great product arrived in excellent condition

by Leonore M.
Lovely healthy plant. Very decorative abd colourful addition to our orb

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Hi I would like one of these plants but I am wonder about snails etc. Are they Tropica?


They're not Tropica but we do keep all plants hydroponically (above water line) to minimise any chance of snails

Do you plant these bunched ?


best to spread them out

Hi I bought the ludwiga about 5 weeks ago. It was doing so well the first 3 weeks, but now the red leaves have turned brown and are dying. My LED light is on 55% strength. My thermostat 24. Is the light too strong or not strong enough? Any tips would be helpful


I'd suggest adding more fertilisers and improve circulation.

what fertilisers are you using?

Seachem flourish and Seachem flourish tabs


In that case, try Neutro T and Neutro CO2. Dose daily for best effects.

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