Ludwigia glandulosa

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Ludwigia glandulosa is native to the US and is is a medium class plant in terms of difficulty. It needs high lighting in order to survive - low lighting results in the leaves falling off. Best to give it CO2 and lots of macronutrients and it will really flourish.

The deep colouration of this plant makes it perfect for a centre piece. Plant multiples together around rocks and it really will catch your eye. Used to be known as Ludwigia perennis.

by Eric P. on 27/5/2019

Arrived in good condition as per all plants purchased from Aquaessentials. Blended in so well I have trouble spotting it unless I look hard, growing well and looks like it's been in the tank forever.

by Stuart B. on 14/4/2019

Arrived well packaged and loads for the money so great value

by Eric P. on 13/4/2019

Bought this plant on a £1.99 deal. Aqua essentials were robbed. I received 4 main stems which have all grown nicely. I also had 4 plantlets which have also started growing. So 8 plants for £1.99 can’t argue with that. The plants are growing well, the main stems are just starting to turn reddish brown so a nice addition to a ‘green’ tank.

by Ken R. on 13/4/2019

Top quality

by Brian G. on 12/4/2019

Superb quality plants. Settled in the aquarium with no problems.

by Stuart M. on 4/4/2019

As always plants arrived in perfect condition and were well grown on . Aqua essentials never fail to give top products at excellent value, thank you Richard and Team!

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