Lobelia cardinalis dwarf

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Lobelia cardinalis dwarf is a lovely aquatic plant with neat and compact stems and leaves. An attractive shade of green that will bring radiance and vibrancy to your aquarium. With adequate nutrients, light and CO2 this plant will grow nice and compact, perfect for the foreground of your tank. Any offshoots can be replanted at any time, this will produce a space full of beautiful mini Lobelias.

Try planting in two's or three's and amongst rock to create the best effect in your Foreground.

by Alan and Janice W. on 17/3/2021

Came in good condition but didn't servive in my tank put on wood but no success at m

by Emma L. on 2/3/2021

Arrived in excellent condition and is flourishing in the fish tank. Thank you.

by Andrew B. on 29/1/2021

Arrived in great condition as is the norm for tropica plants. A bit fiddly to plant, but after some perseverance it is now growing well and starting to produce shoots. Looks good mid-foreground as a feature. My corydoras love weaving through it.

by Ewan M. on 15/4/2020

Plant arrived quickly and well packaged! Looks great in tank and adds instant impact, thanks!

by Alan S. on 14/4/2020

Arrived well packed. Plant condition appears ok, plenty of root. Now planted in the aquarium, looks good.

by Dave H. on 4/4/2020

Very good quality ideal foreground plant

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Hi, What height does this grow and can it be kept in a low light tank? Many Thanks John

It stays very small under high lighting and a bit taller under moderate light. Grows up to 15cm (but generally smaller). Ok in a low light tank.

hi, can you place them straight into the pond or do you need to buy a basket and soil.


These are tropical plants only.

Hi, is this plant ok with Herbivorous fish or will they make a meal of it........

I read this plant can grow up to 15cm in height, how do you prune this plant and how high can you prune it down to as I like the plant but want to keep it very small in height.


They'll try and eat it

trim the stem as low as you like

Can this plant be pruned to keep it at a height of 2 or 3 cm or less?


Should be fine. Bright light will keep it low too

Hi, could this plant be attached to artificial log? If not could you recommend small plants that could be grown in this way? Thank you



try anubias nana

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