Limnophila sessiliflora

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  • Dimensions: 15-30cm+
  • Model: 047
  • Origin: South East Asia
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Limnophila sessiliflora is a good and undemanding plant from South-East Asia which is a good alternative to Cabomba, which demands a lot of light. Stems grows fast up to 40 cm long and becomes 3-4 cm wide. The plant often grows leggy in poor light, but this can be counteracted to some extent by stimulating growth by CO2 addition. Most beautiful when planted in groups. In good growing conditions it sends out runners and spreads across the bottom. Limnophila sessiliflora used to be called "Ambulia''. 

by Sean P.
Very good quality plant, After only two weeks it has established well and is a very welcome addition to the aquarium decor.

by rikki w.
Always a great plant that takes hold quickly

by Morgan W.
All plants I ordered came really well packaged, this one looks amazing in my tank and adds a lot of colour

by Tatiana O.
I have had no problem with this plant. It arrived alive and it's currently thriving in my fish tank. It is a very pretty plant. I'd highly recommend it

by John H.
First Class Plant delivered in perfect condition

by Lauren B.
This plant arrived in great condition. Initially, I had some doubts about using it as a background plant because it was quite small, however after three weeks of growth it has nearly reached the top of the tank! It looks incredibly healthy and is a great background plant in my 40 litre. I’d definitely buy another one to create a bushier look.

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Hi, will this plant survive in a 60L Biorb tank? Thanks


Possibly when using Neutro T and Neutro CO2 fertilisers

How many individual plants do you get from 1 pot?


6-8 on average 

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