Limnophila rugosa

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This is a really lovely looking plant and quite different from your average one too. It certainly stands out when looking into our plant tents. The Limnophila rugosa looks a bit like the herb Basil and is most suited when planted in the mid ground.

It's very fresh looking and definitely catches the eye and unlikely you will see this in any other shops around the UK.

by Fabian B. on 12/2/2021

Came as described, all of the stems have rooted firmly with new shoots all over

by Horace B. on 15/8/2019

thank you

by Ken B. on 25/7/2019

Split pot into 3 and All seem to be growing well after one week

by laura m. on 18/7/2019

Turned up in fantastic condition, is doing really well in my fluval flex under the stock light + some CO2 and ferts. Mine was actually four separate stems, so I managed to cover quite a large area and they are already starting to grow out well after just a week of being planted. Very nice interesting addition to an aquarium!

by Dawnn H. on 4/9/2018

good healthy plant with a decent amount of roots. Love how lush and green these are. Removed them from the little basket and media to discover I had a few of them so I could split them and place around my aquarium. Service was great and I was kept informed by email.

by HEMAN P. on 20/8/2018

really nice Healthy plants. quick delivery. REALLY LIKED IT PUT IT ON MY LOGWOOD

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Dear all, I would very much like to order some of these plants (about 10). But I live in The Netherlands. What possibilities do we have to make this happen, to get them over to The Netherlands. kind regards, Geert-Jan Brouwers.


just buy online and we can send them to you very very easy.

are all your plants safe read that you need to be very carefull i keep cherry shrimp ty


Yes all safe

HELLO will this plant do ok in a low tec seat up with home made co2 and easy life fertillzer many thank


Sure thing. Rugosa is relatively easy to grow and suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Hi, This plant came with my rocks/wood/plant set and seems to be growing well after 2 wks ie it is coming out of the tank.My question is, how do you control its growth; do you 'pinch' out the top or do you cut near the highest leaf? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.


With plants like these I suggest you trim approximately 50% off every few weeks. This makes sure they stay nice, bushy and compact

It may be a daft question, but is it okay to trim the roots of this and other plants that come from the side shoots?


not a daft question at all. You can trim the roots without any problems.



Needs planting in substrate

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