Limnophila hippuridoides

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  • Dimensions: up to 50cm
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  • Origin: Asia
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Limnophila hippuridoides is originally from Asia and can grow to a decent height of 20-50cm high and often 6-10cm wide – so 1 plant takes up a decent amount of space. A simple plant, able to adjust to various conditions makes it suitable for hobbyists who have some experience but if you're a new comer to the hobby and are adventurous, then give it a go.

The amazing coloured leaves are green with a red-violet underside, and the whole leaf turns red-violet under ideal growth conditions - and this is part of the BIG appeal. It is a vibrant growing plant, which willingly creates new, solid shoots from the base. Thinning of the oldest and longest shoots is recommended, in order to make room for such new shoots. 

A real favourite at Aqua Essentials.

by RUSSELL B. on 9/4/2019

Pretty plant, Seems ok hope will grow ok, sure it will as all plants bought from ae have been great.

by Phil F. on 6/3/2019

Having never used Aquaessentials before I only ordered the one plant, however the plant arrived in perfect condition and is now starting to thrive in my tank, the plant was well packaged and would probably survive the worst of delivery methods known to man. I will definitely be using the company again for all my aquarium plant needs. keep up the good work aquaessential.

by Laura T. on 29/9/2018

Beautiful plant! It arrived very quickly and was absolutely perfect

by Chris B. on 10/8/2018

Arrived in good condition, established quickly

by Luke Brown on 23/9/2016

Nice looking plant, even nicer when it finally transforms into its submerged state good quality plant

by Amanda Hughes on 9/4/2016

Lovely plant, and a fast grower too.

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