Limnophila heterophylla - fast growing!

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 40cm
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  • Origin: South East Asia
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This plant should be in EVERY planted aquarium! It's fast and easy to grow and sways in the current. The contrast it provides makes it very eye-catching, particularly next to small leaf plants.

Limnophila heterophylla is a low demanding aquatic plant and a good alternative for Cabomba. It grows really fast and stems can reach up to 40cm height. The space between the stalks is minimum when you use intense light and CO2. The weaker the light intensity is, the bigger the space between the stalks gets. Suitable for all aquarium sizes.

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by Jan M.
Arrived in good condition. Very fast growing plant and has been trimmed after just two weeks.

by Simon W.
Arrived in excellent condition growing really fast

by Paul R.
The plant was of good quality, well packed and arrived quickly. It is growing nicely in my aquarium and needs pruning already.

by Norman H.
Great plants, excellent service

by Nadia A.
Lovely quality plants and are taking really well to my aquarium without soil. I am using the nutrient tablets at root level. They are growing at a decent pace.

by Peter C.
Does what it says on the tin, growing fast.

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How fast will it grow?


fast grower

Can you keep trimming this plant as it tries leggy and can you replant the trimmings? It is a get pretty plant


Yes and yes

How do you plant this in aquarium


remove from pot and rockwool and place into the substrate. Same for nearly all plants.

Is this plant snail free


more than likely but not guaranteed.

The only guarantee is tissue culture plants.

Do you plant in bunched together or separate?


separate them

could this live in an ecosystem tank?



Do you have to put the plants first and let them grow in the aquarium and then after some time put the fish in?


yes that's generally the best way

You can add fish once your nitrite is zero

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