Lilaeopsis macloviana - RARE

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Lilaeopsis macloviana is a stunning plant, not often found in the hobby.

Aqua Essentials have grown this plant themselves so it's been growing the day it leaves our nursery. This means it's stronger and healthier than other plants and will adapt quicker to its new environment. 

It has round hollow blades which grow up to about 30cm in height. Easy to grow too, so if you're a beginner then it won't cause you any problems. Due to this height, it's best to use as a midground/background plant. Of course if your tank is on the smaller size then it would be better in the background. The blades to Macloviana don't sway too much in the current so can offer a look a bit like bamboo might.

It's happy to survive in lower temperatures which means if you have a cold water aquarium, you will be able to grow it. 

Looks best when planted amongst similar plants such as Eleocharis acicularis. So try out this plant today, and I'm sure you'll be happy.

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