Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - Brazilian Micro Sword

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  • Origin: South America
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Originating from South America the aquarium plant Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a beautiful foreground plant. Found in the wild along riverbanks and marshes at altitudes of over 1,000m!  Know as the 'false tennellus' due to its grassy looks, this plant grows slowly but with regular pruning, this plant will grow into compact grass like carpeting.

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by Tracey H.
Nice and heathy plant, not done a lot of growing yet but early days

by Kim H.
Love this little dude it is such a happy plant. Goldfish don't like the taste but like tear chunks of it up as a protest at a non food plant in their tank. Loach like to rub themselves over it suggestively, but I think that's because it has rooted so well they can't dig it up.

by Michael P.
Frst class plant fast serice

by Karl S.
Healthy and lively. Colourful foreground interest at edge of tank. Reflects well. needs a little care to plant & establish.

by Sarah W.
Very happy with my purchase, arrived in good time, very healthy plants.

by Ashley C.
The plant came in great shape and it has taken really well in my aquarium. Great quality as always

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How tall does it grow?


Depends on your conditions. But stays low so under 10cm in general.

What light requirements are needed?


medium to low light is fine for it

Will this plant grow/ carpet well in a well lit but no CO2 tank? Water height only ~30cm with a 18W lamp right above.


it will grow ok. Add liquid carbon to help it along.

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