Lava Stone with Moss

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Nano Stone with java moss and ideal for aquascaping. Small bits of lava which have java moss wrapped round them so you can place them anywhere you want. Over time, Nano Stones with java moss will begin to spread and carpet.

Ideal for nano tanks and beginners.

Size guide:

  • Mini = up to 2cm diameter (approx)
  • Small = up to 4cm diameter (approx)

Occasionally the sizes may be slightly different due to it being a natural product. If you are very specific about the size, best to shoot us an email and ask. The pictures show the moss once matured and yours may be less mature depending on growing time.

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by Gordon B.
A bit smaller than expected so difficult to notice against the my gravel. Hoping they start growing soon!

by Brian W.
small but growing well

by Simone M.
Good item - but for the price very small!!

by Ian F.
Not a n item I would recommend . Thought I was buying Dennerle jarva moss grown on display quality larva rock Art. While the prices was comparable the quality was sub standard. As mentioned previously the rock was very small but not a problem for me, rather than growing on the rock it was stuck on (doesn’t look right) the larva rock was the sub standard gray type used as filter media not the vivid red type required for a display aquarium. I placed the rock in my display aquarium then removed it to a holding tank hoping to grow the jarva moss on to a better piece of larva rock.

by Ma?gorzata S.
Bought as a little plant stick to stone, growing good in my warm water tank

by Clare N.
Very nice lush moss. A few weeks later and it has really perked up and begun to spread.

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So is price for one stone or for three ? the pictures kinda confused me a bit thank you ;)


It's for one 

Is lava stone safe for the aquarium, I have heard that it's not an ideal stone for the aquarium?


Completely safe

I was thinking of purchasing some java moss for my Sump refugium that’s filled with lava stone, would it be best to purchase this already on a stone or buy separate and fix? I’m guessing the java moss already on the stone would spread to the rest of my lava stones?


hard to say. Either either I suspect 

Is item a Dennerle quality product?


brand always varies depending on availability

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