Lagenandra meeboldi Red

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  • Origin: South East Asia
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Laganandra is part of the Cryptocoryne family, but it's slightly different being hardier.

The leaves are a beautiful colour and can get up to 30cm long with the right conditions. If you plant it in groups, it becomes a focal point and looks wonderful amongst all the other greens.

It's a slow grower which means it doesn't require very much light or food and for this reason, great for beginners.

by Caroline W. on 7/4/2021

Great plant. Very robust. Looks brown rather than red.

by Allan D. on 29/3/2021

fantastic quality as always , the colour is amazing look fantastic in the tank

by Helen D. on 17/3/2021

Healthy plants doing well. More brownish in colour than red.

by Zara B. on 20/10/2019

Very healthy and great colour, I've only had it a week and there are new leaves sprouting!

by Robert B. on 13/8/2018

Fine specimen in tip top condition

by William R. on 15/6/2018

A stunning plant in great condition well pleased.

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Hi when are you expecting this plant to be back in stock please? I don't want to place an order today and then it come in tomorrow lol.


maybe Friday depending on the growers

Will this be OK planted in Coral sand substrate for Cichlid tank? Was not planning to put any root tabs in as other plants will be Anubias and Microsorum on root and rock.


Coral sand is not suitable for freshwater plants. Completely wrong pH.

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