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A Jungle Style Aquascape is an aquascape that replicates a jungle scene so tall plants and bulbs that create a canopy type layout with smaller bold and big leaved plants below. It may come across as a bit chaotic however it will be very rewarding once you have accomplished it.

Rules of a Jungle aquascape:

  • Tall plants or bulbs that have large leaves for creating a canopy effect
  • Plants compete for light and territory
  • A mixture of different plants below that are completely different in colour and texture resembling the jungle
  • Foreground can be a mixture of anything you like but keeping it small and wild looking
  • Wood (not included) positioned in the background just protruding through the plants
  • Floating plants will create even more of a canopy
  • Limited open space

It can be tricky to create your own Jungle Style Aquacsape so Aqua Essentials have put together a box with everything you need.

A feature of the Jungle style aquascape is to have wood protruding through the plants however this wood is to be planted up. You will receive a type of Anubias, Java Fern, Microsorum plant with your box. This plant is to be attached to the wood (not included) using some fine line or fishing line.

You will need a good nutrient based substrate and regular fertilisation and liquid carbon to make a success of this box. We also recommend a circulation pump for added oxygenation.

Aftercare with a Jungle Aquascape is key. Regular maintenance and prunning of the plants are important. Any new shoots can be snipped off and replanted, any old plants can be discarded. All plant waste and debris to be removed from the tank using a net so as not to clog the filter. I recommend you use Neutro T as a source of plant fertiliser on a regular basis. If you are not using pressurised CO2 you could use Neutro CO2 and this is a liquid source of carbon or if you are using pressurised CO2 you should used Neutro+.

This can be a challenging set-up however extremely rewarding so well worth trying if you fancy dipping your toes in a jungle aquarium.

In your Jungle Style Mixed Box, simply choose the box which is suitable for your tank size. You will receive a mixture of potted plants suitable for this type of aquascape. Each plant will have a tag instructing you where to plant i.e. background, midground & foreground.

50L = 12 pots

100L = 24 pots

150L = 36 pots

200L = 48 pots

300L = 72 pots

by Caroline W. on 28/2/2021

Lovely plants, well packaged, didn’t survive my care sadly

by Shaun O. on 1/1/2021

First time ordering plants online due to me being a picky git lol well happy as are my fish delivered in a couple of days all healthy considering they came from Devon and I’m in Essex just waiting for my bristle noses to demolish a couple so I can get more lol

by Graham M. on 16/1/2020

The plants i received are of good quality and arrived a day earlier than expected. Will use them again

by ANDREW S. on 2/4/2019

Ordered Jungle style box set and received an excellent array of foreground to background healthy vibrant even flowering plants. To be honest I couldn't fit them all in my 300L tank having ordered the 250L set. One week on all settling in well and pearling as I speak. Would recommend if not sure what to purchase individually.

by Mark A. on 20/11/2017

A beautiful selection of plants, fantastically packaged, and delivered in the agreed time slot next day. Cannot be faulted.

by Graham B. on 17/8/2017

The supplied plants are top quality, the best i have seen anywhere, packaging and delivery shows the company has a deep understanding of the care required to get the plants to there destination in a creditable condition Recommended to professional and amateur aquarists

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For the 100l tank size what exactly should I expect to get, like quantities etc/ variety of plants? The description is more of a guide then a run through of what your getting.


Every mixed box will be different so a range of plants suitable for a jungle style. Always a great selection of high quality thriving plants.

I would like to order the 100ltr box but love bright green in my tank and bright Moses and frogbit could you incorporate those?


Best to order mosses and frogbit in addition to this - they're not plants included in jungle mixed boxes

Is there anyway of purchasing a 25L version for nano tanks? I realise that some of the 'Jungle Style' plants grow up to 60cm and may not be suitable for a nano tank but I'd love to have this style in my tank!


That's no problem. What I recommend is that you purchase a 25L Mixed Box and then leave us a comment when checking out saying 'jungle style plants pls" and then the picker will pick that up.

Hi i have a 64l aquarium and love the Jungle look but have choice of 50l or 100l would the 50l be enough to stock my 64l well? also i am very new to keeping fish and plants and wondering how i would know what will go where as in Background, Midground and Foreground as the last thing i would want is the front plants out growing the others and see nothing lol. Regards Jay


go for the 50L version

Most plants have labels and show what size they grow to but it's generally pretty obvious when you see them anyway so try not to worry

Hi do you have a list of species for a 50lt mixed jungle box please


We don't as every box varies

Ask your question here

also purchased