JBL ProFlora M001 Pressure Regulator (Special Order)

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Fitting to reduce pressure for CO2 plant fertiliser systems.

  • Safe and precise CO2 dosing for aquariums: precision pressure reducer for refillable CO2 cylinders. Cylinder pressure regulation from 60 to 1.5 bar
  • Easy to use: screw pressure reducer onto the refillable cylinder. Connect the fitting with hose to the diffuser in the aquarium. Adjust CO2 bubble count at the precision needle valve
  • Fine needle valve: exact adjustment of bubble count, Preadjusted working pressure: 1.5 bar (readjustment possible), 2 pressure gauges: working and cylinder pressure, connection thread: W 21.8x1/14
  • Safe to use: excess pressure safety valve, highest reliability: diaphragm controlled pressure reducer
  • Package contents: pressure reducer for refillable CO2 cylinders incl. 2 pressure gauges; connection thread: W 21.8x1/14

Ideal nutrition for plants
Carbon dioxide serves as the main nutrient for plants and thus promotes their ideal growth. Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis and thus supply the water with essential oxygen. They prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, offer hiding places and reduce pathogens. The correct amount of CO2 varies from aquarium to aquarium and depends on the volume, the water movement and the planting of the aquarium. With the JBL pressure reducer a precise dosage of CO2 is possible.

Easy to install
Screw pressure reducer onto the refillable CO2 cylinder. Connect it with a hose to the diffuser in the aquarium. Adjust the CO2 bubble count with the fine needle valve. The two pressure gauges indicate the cylinder and the working pressure.

Hazard-free use
The pressure reducer is equipped with an excess pressure safety valve. This ensures a safe release if the working pressure is set too high, without damaging the fitting. The diaphragm control of the pressure reducer ensures absolute reliability.

Tip: can also be converted to fit a disposable system.


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