JBL Inline CO2 Diffuser - 16/22mm

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If you want superb CO2 diffusion, adding an inline CO2 diffuser makes a lot of sense. You do of course need an external filter for this piece of equipment to work but if your hose has an internal diameter of 16mm, keep reading.

This diffuser has many benefits:

  • Easy to install: connect to hose of external filter - best on the outlet
  • Exact dosing: integrated bubble counter, no water backflow thanks to backflow stop
  • 20 percent CO2 saving due to an especially effective diaphragm making it very economical

Suitable for aquariums from 160-600L

Ideal nutrition for plants

The right CO2 concentration in your water is of great importance for aquarium plants. Carbon dioxide is not the main nutrient for plants as nutrition is the most important BUT, CO2 will help all plants grow faster and stronger. Bear in mind that plants are at least 50% carbon so if you're not currently adding CO2 in gas or liquid form, ask yourself, where are your plants getting the carbon they are made up of? And this is precisely why more hobbyists don't get the plant growth they want. They starve their plants of this much needed carbon. Makes sense dones't it.

Plants use the CO2 for the photosynthesis and supply the water with essential oxygen. When your CO2 levels are correct and plentiful, your plants pearl and release O2 bubbles giving your tank that champagne look. Only then do you know your CO2 levels are spot on.

CO2 also prevents algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens.

Easy to install

In order to ensure that the CO2 gas passes as far along the inside of the hose as possible, the direct diffuser needs to be integrated into the hose (outlet) as close as possible to the external filter. A vertical mounting position will ensure the best readability of the bubble counter.

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