Java Moss Shrimp Shelter

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The Moss Shrimp Shelter is a collection of ceramic pipes adhered together covered in a thick and green layer of moss.

A delightful moss shelter where shrimp can hide and feel totally at home. The moss gives immediate impact into any aquarium and gives a natural look to your tank. Watch as your shrimp clean and climb through this shelter and make it their own.

As the moss is so easy to grow, it won't cause any problems to hobbyists.

A recommended buy for shrimp keepers!

by Nigel C. on 14/1/2019

Excellent product, I have had many plants now from aqua essentials and they are all top quality and packaged well.

by William R. on 25/11/2018

Delivered within 48 hours, in secure protective packaging, and in good condition. Still is, and is never unoccupied. Shrimps love it, even my bristlenose catfish chill , in there, when there's a vacancy. Should have got one ages ago, and would definitely recommend one, for any aquarium. Price is very reasonable.

by Melanie W. on 11/10/2017

Shrimp love this, moss has grown loads in a couple of weeks, looks really good in tank, would highly recommend.

by Gregory B. on 13/4/2017

Quick delivery. Lots of Java moss for the size of the ceramic tubes, already spreading like wildfire in my nano setup. Tubes are wide enough for my Betta to fit through... so not sure how safe the ship will be! Slightly expensive for the size of the product hence 4 stars .

by Luke W. on 29/3/2017

Great product, even my small neon tetra love hiding in it when I turn the lights off

by Gordon Gray on 12/8/2015

good product well covered in moss

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What is the diameter of the ceramic tubes?


About 15mm

Will catfish fit in it like corys


if they are small then yes

Have spent a lot of money over the years on plants, and overall service excellent, or though I have just set up shrimp tank got the coconut moss shell from you, and shrimp moss shelter, nothing else plant wise has been added to tank, only now to find I have unwanted guests snails not happy


Snails are pests and are part of the aquatic world - they're like weeds in your garden.

We could dip all plants to remove snails, but then plants would not be safe for use in tanks with shrimp. So we can't win. We keep pretty much all our plants outside of water to reduce the risk of snails but as you can see, sometimes they hitchhike and they can survive on moss which is damp.

If you really can't live with snails then you need to purchase tissue culture plants which we sell on the site. These are guaranteed to be snail free.

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