Moss on Wood (size 12-18cm)

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  • Dimensions: 12-18cm in length
  • Model: p2020179
  • Origin: Cultivated
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This is a really lovely product in which moss has been grown on a piece of wood. It's ideal for placing directly onto the substrate and like magic, you've got an instant impact. If you put a few of these together it would look truly fabulous.

So easy to care for, give it some light (not bright light) and some ferts and it will be happy as larry.

by Scott R. on 16/1/2021

Great product. The moss is now growing steady in my tank and looks amazing. Plus this branch adds a little refuge for my bamboo shrimp, he seems to love it for some reason, so if he loves it, I love it!

by Paul B. on 20/10/2019

As all my purchases from aquaessentials, my purchase arrived on time and in excellent condition. The Java moss has been expertly placed and secured on the wood and has been growing beautifully in my tank. The moss on wood also adds authenticity Great purchase and competitively priced

by Mark H. on 17/10/2019

Great product, fast delivery, arrived in good condition and is a great addition to our tank ????????

by John M. on 25/9/2019

Good sized product & healthy plant - which brings new life, movement and dimension to any fish tank

by Beverley H. on 9/7/2019

Very pleased, excellent value.looks lovely

by Daniel H. on 28/6/2019

Its a good piece of wood but i was hoping for a more interesting shape.

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Hi What is the approximate size of the bogwood? Regards Steve Woodbridge


About 15cm

Is this safe to stick straight in my tank ? No copper etc



Will the shape of the wood be similar to as show in the picture


Most are flat without protruding branches (which don't ship well as they can pierce the bag they are sent in). Generally, the wood is straight.

What wood is this?



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