Coconut Arch with Java Moss

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The primary function for this Coconut Arch is to provide colour, plant life and shelter into your aquarium.

When the Coconut Arch is placed in an aquarium it will sink straight away and provide immediate impact. The beautiful colour of the moss is very attractive and pleasing to the eye. If you have any shrimp they will immediately take to it as a home and keep it clean by eating any algae that grows on the moss.  A healthy and happy shrimp increases the chances of more shrimp as they are more likely to breed.

It's fascinating to watch the moss grow over time - although it's a slow grower it requires little maintenance. What's more, it is accepting of a broad range of water conditions and temperatures making it ideal for anyone new to this hobby. Lighting can be very low or very high. Moss can be trimmed with scissors and this will allow the shape to be maintained. 

The Moss Coconut makes an ideal addition to any planted aquarium or indeed anyone who is interested in adding a bit of colour to their tank but are unsure how to grow plants.

A must-have for all Shrimp Keepers!

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by Mark F.
This came well packed and in excellent condition, I’m very pleased with their service and this is why I will use aquaessentials again. One negative comment is that my brute of a plec keeps knocking it over in his rush to hide in it ????

by Aaron H.
Great quality, good size and looks good in the tank, my Betta loves swimming through it and hanging out under it

by Rebecca B.
The fish love having a hide and the snails love the moss!

by Kelly B.
Brilliant product looks lovely in my tank. Thanks

by Becky E.
Perfect, covered beautifully with moss, with is growing well, shrimp love it

by Lucy J.
I thought it was worth the money it’s a bit smaller than I thought but overall it’s gd and adds a lot to my tank.

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well im getting silver sharks and i wanted to know if this ornament will be big enough for them to fit in?

Nope! Too small for them

Hi I am new to Tropical fish keeping, I have my tank set up ready. Is this OK. Sorry, If I seem thick. Thanks in advance. Julie

Hi, Sorry mean't to say my tank is a starter 28 Litre. Regards Julie

Yes it's ok for your tank. Make sure you use some Neutro T fertiliser too.

I have 8 harlequin Rasbora in a 65 litre tank and I was wondering if one of these will be enough to give them somewhere to relax or you recommend 2, or maybe a different product altogether? Thanks :)


Yes get a couple of them as one won't be enough

Thanks for your reply re: my rasbora tank. :)

if i put a couple together will it be big enough for cockatoo cichlids which grow to 7.5cm?


should be ok

Can you put this in an unheated tank?


As long as it doesn't get too cold

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