Hydor Pico Evo-Mag Circulation Pump 650 l/h

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  • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 3cm x 6cm
  • Model: P26602
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Small pump, ideal to create water movement in planted aquariums where space is going to be an issue.

Ensuring you have sufficient water movement is paramount in a planted aquarium - one filter is never enough to move water around and this is why you need a second pump to fulfil that purpose. If your CO2 is not being moved around enough then nor are your fertilisers which means that your plants will not be getting enough CO2 or nutrients (end result algae growth). You may already have algae problems and this could help your situation.

Easy positioning thanks to the patented magnet-suction cup support.

The sphere joint and the flow control allow to direct water as necessary.

Flow rate of 650l/h and uses 4.5W.

by Jonathan H. on 3/6/2018

Visually discreet pump that moves a good amount of water and allows direction of water flow. I have two, low down in 200L planted tank to compliment the spray bar outflow from an Eheim Pro3 canister filter. Magnet suction attachment is good and allows for minor adjustment of position without putting hand in the tank, clip system enables quick removal of pump for cleaning. If it would run as quietly as the canister filter it would be 5 star all the way but these are slightly noisy units with an annoying little rattle in operation. In my case the vastly improved water circulation outweighs the noise problem so they are staying put.

by Melanie W. on 11/10/2017

Not bad for the price, but does vibrate alot in the bracket, I have to have it at a real angle or upside down to make it stop. A nice looking little unit though and easy to hide behind plants.

by Jacob Skinner on 29/5/2014

Very good pump. Quite and small, easily produces enough flow for a 70L aquarium making sure all plants receive nutrients. One downside is that the clip is only secured to the pump by the wire, which slips lose when mounted at more obscure angles..... This means the pump can only really be mounted through 200 is degrees not the 360 advertised.

by Andrew Duncan on 1/7/2013

Does what it says on the tin. Pump is black and red though not grey as the picture shows which is better in my opinion. Very quiet.

by Robert Steward on 3/6/2013

Does what its supposed to do very well. I have found that it is quieter when mounted upside down [intake facing up]. Comments have been made regarding the weak looking plastic ball that is difficult to push into the sucker... This is easily overcome by putting a small amount of vaseline on the plastic.

by Richard Spurdle on 29/5/2013

Brilliant! When the box arrived i thought it would be huge but once i opened it, it was tiny. Fits in the palm of your hand and suprisingly powerful for its size.

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Could you tell me how long the power cable is on this pump please?


1.5m I believe

Hi, would this pump be appropriate for 10 galleon, 30 litre tank? If not, what pump would you advise? Thanks Peter


Yeah it would be fine

Will this work in the States? I know many places in Europe are 220.



Would this be too powerful for a 15l tank? I have a dead spot in one corner and the filter doesn't move the water enough.


Yes. I would get a more powerful filter instead.

can this model be operated via a seperate timer


yeah sure - don't see why not

Is this safe for baby shrimp



would this be too powerful for a 10 litre aquarium


as long as the flow was directed towards the side of the tank it would be ok

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