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Great company

Great company

My first dealings with this company and they have been great. Very knowledgeable and helpful and friendly and my plants are healthy and look great!

Testimonial By: Jo Adams

Thursday 21 July, 2016

Absolutely Cracking!

Absolutely Cracking!

I'm quite new to the fish keeping hobby, so as you can expect I have been rather skeptical as to where I should purchase quality materials from to really make my aquascape shine.

After purchasing a range of aquatic plants from other online retailers in the past, I have been - for the lack of better word - rather disappointed with the quality of the plants that had arrived at my doorstep.

HOWEVER, a family-friend of mine, who has been keeping fish for years suggested Aqua Essentials as a place where I could purchase quality plants that are not only cheap, but also easy to take care of.

Words cannot describe how happy I have been with the purchase of my plants from Aqua Essentials. Along with the plants being delivered to my address quickly and safely, the quality of the plants was also brilliant. The leaves of the plants were healthy and lush, and the root systems are well developed.

My plants from Aqua Essentials are now a beautiful addition to my tropical tank.

Wonderful service and cheap, quality products. I will be purchasing products from here again in the future. I highly recommend.

Testimonial By: Nichelle Wood

Thursday 07 July, 2016



I am new to Aqua Scaping, researched on line and came across aqua essentials I have bought several items and a scaped for you package, my plants were excellent quality, were very well packaged , they look absolutely fantastic, I would definitely recommend aqua essentials to anyone who is into Aqua Scaping.

Testimonial By: Julie Anderson

Wednesday 06 July, 2016

fantastic plants at affordable prices

fantastic plants at affordable prices

After purchasing a 120ltr tank I wanted to add some plant- life to it apart from fish so after looking on-line and looking at my local pet-shop, I decided to go with Aqua-essentials as their variety is a-lot bigger and wider and and the stock is always fresh and healthy and I've never had and snails or other creepy crawlies attached to the plants
The staff are always helpful if you cant see what your looking for and they always answer the phones, and full of knowledge about the stock they sell, and quick to give you advice about the products your inquiring about.
so if your looking for an On-Line Aquarium plant specailists I would definately buy from Aquaessentials.

Testimonial By: James Henery

Tuesday 28 June, 2016



The plants I have ordered from Aqua Essentials are of real good quality and they always come very well packaged and protected. Excellent company to buy from.

Testimonial By: Michael Grainge

Friday 24 June, 2016

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