Hygrophila rosae australis

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  • Dimensions: up to 50cm
  • Model: P2020765
  • Origin: South East Asia
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Originating from India the Hygrophila rosea australis is a beautiful stem plant capable of reaching heights of up to 60 cm given the right conditions. In low lighting aquariums the growth will be slow but in high light aquariums the growth is much faster and the plant more decorative.

This plant looks great planted in a group of three and planted amongst rocks or wood.

by Caroline F. on 25/2/2021

Excellent condition and growing really well In my nano tank

by Helen T. on 12/2/2021

Doing really well and getting some nice pink tones in a few of the leaves. Lost some leaves lower down, but starting to send shoots out from there.

by Adam K. on 2/2/2021

Put this in my planted tank. Dosing EL daily and pressurised carbon and these things have just taken off. They just keep growing and look so healthy. well recommended.

by Adam W. on 15/12/2020

Healthy plant received & it seems to be doing well. These are essentially a few separate plants so you're getting more than one which is great value. I purchased this Hygrophila along with some other plants & they all arrived in fantastic condition. Excellent service, great prices & superb products. Thank you.

by Nigel O. on 12/5/2020

Great plant growing fast

by Matthew H. on 23/4/2020

Due to my silly mistake of choosing standard delivery rather than DPD, the plants came through much later than Ihad hoped. Thankfully, they were so well packaged that they were perfectly damp still, and only suffering a little yellowing from lack of light. A helpful email response from the company let me know to float the plants for 2 or 3 days to aod their recovery.

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hi, I have one of these in my tank, I was just wondering if you could advise me. the most top leaves seem to be, shrivelled on the edges and turning slightly reddish in colour, I was wondering if you know what the cause for this is? .. I have a plant fertilizer substrate which is really high in nutrients ( know from past experience ) and tomorrow am going to set up co2 in my tank and add root tabs.


Any negative signs on plants indicates a deficiency. Normally CO2, sometimes fertilisers. What fertiliser are you using and how often. Are you using any CO2?

could you please tell me when will this plant be in stock


We don't know - growers have been out of stock for weeks

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