Hygrophila pinnatifida

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  • Dimensions: Can grow 15-40cm tall
  • Model: P2020740
  • Origin: South East Asia
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Originating from India the Hygrophila Pinnatifida is a relative newcomer to the planted aquarium market making it a rather exciting and unusual addition to any tank. Given the right environment, this plant can grow up to 60 cm in height. We recommend that you place in the background of your aquarium for maximum effect. Ideally, attach it to wood or rock.A handsome plant at an excellent price! 

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by Sam D.
Doing well in the aquarium

by Tanya M.
Very happy with this plant, it’s growing well

by rikki w.
one of my favourite plants a little tricky to get to take in my tanks but the ones that have look great.

by Katharine S.
Good while it lasted, but the fish destroyed this plant in about 3 weeks.

by Katharine S.
Lovely looking plant, well packed, now planted and doing well, many thanks.

by timothy q.
Big and healthy plant, 6-7 individuals in the pot

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How tall does it grow?

About 40cm

Hi I am new to aqua plants - have used plastic before. I only have a sand substrate in my tank is this suitable for growing plants. What plants can I grow, my ph is about 7.5. I do not have any co2 (at the moment) I have 2 led strip lights. Suggestions welcome. Helen Skinner


Sand is OK but there are lots better - see our substrates section for ideas. You can probably grow 50% of the plants but you will have to do your research first as there are over 150 species in stock.

What is the best way to attach this plant to wood or rock as it is a stem plant with no rhizome?As such i don't understand how it can flourish attached to wood or hardscape.I was thinking along the lines of using superglue or Flourish plant glue to attach it.I have planted it before in substrate and seen new growth from it but would like to try it attached to wood as a mix alongside the likes of Anubias and Microsorum and Moss.


flourish glue is the best way - it looks best grown on wood

Thanks for the reply.I like how you have a good description of the plant and it's needs.It is too easy to just purchase a plant and not take notice of it's light needs and CO2 needs.A really beautiful plant this one and it's leaf will turn more Crimson with TLC.

My silver dollar seem to eat all plants would this survive?


It’s quite tough so worth trying


I have some of these planted in Fluval shrimp stratum substrate, 120l fresh water aquarium, about a month old. They are covered in brown spots and leaves have gone very narrow. All my water parameters are fine, temp around 21/22 deg C. I give a daily dose of liquid CO2, and twice a week I dose with a liquid fertiliser. Frequent water changes as tank is still establishing. I don’t know how to rectify this problem? I have 6 Amano Shrimp and 3 rosy barbs in there currently. Any advice GREATLY appreciated.


Too much light relative to the amount of nutrients. Reduce intensity of light and duration AND increase fertiliser dose to daily

Thank you, will change that. Please can you tell me, would fertiliser root tabs be better than liquid fertiliser ? Thank you.


Use root tabs along with fertilisers - not rather than

Thank you! Looking forward to a plant delivery from you today!

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