Hygrophila corymbosa thailands

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Hygrophila corymbosa 'Thailand' orignated from......you guessed it, Thailand. Reaching heights of up to 50cm, this fast growing plant produces beautiful lilac flowers. Under strong light they produce reddish brown leaves where as under average light they produce green leaves.

When planting this plant in the substrate try using 2 or 3 rocks to surround the stem, this will highlight the plant and help bring out the colour.

by Chris W. on 4/5/2020

Arrived in perfect condition as per normal. My tank is 300 litres and is 70 cms tall so needed a tall background plant, this fits the bill perfectly and is looking and growing beautifully. Feeding with Neutro T and liquid CO2.

by Paul S. on 20/4/2020

bought a few of these, have come on in leaps and bounds delivery took a long time due to post office restrictions but plants were in excellent condition thank you, highly recommended

by Anthony S. on 12/4/2020

Came in remarkably good condition considering it was a week in the post! Good sized plants in good clean condition

by Samantha E. on 10/4/2020

Wasn’t expecting the quality to be so amazing. Will definitely recommend and buy again Thank you

by Roseanna-marie h. on 24/2/2020

Arrived in beautiful condition really well packaged, has good strong roots. Will definitely buy plants from this company again.

by Eric D. on 17/2/2020

Plants arrived well packaged and in good condition. Seem to be settling in well in the tank. Well pleased with transaction.

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My plant has small white bumps on it? Is it OK?


Yes your plant is healthy. Nomaphila stricta thai is effected by callus which only effects this plant but once it's placed under water the leaves becomes smooth and the callus disappear.

You can find more on the subject here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callus_%28cell_biology%29

My plants are thriving and looking stunning but I need to prune them a bit and in doing so I'd like to re-plant the cuttings. So I thought I would just check what would be the best way to trim them in order for them to regenerate?

Hack them in half and then simply replant the cutting. It's as easy as that :)

Will this plant do OK in a low tech with liquid carbon and ferts?



This lovely plant with delicate long stems and spear shaped leaves was dispatched promptly , andarrived in perfect condition due to the careful packaging.,Thankyou .

Hi, we only have gravel in the bottom of our tank. Will this plant grow in gravel?


yes - pop some root tabs under each plant (use terratabs)

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