Hygrophila corymbosa

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Hygrophila corymbosa is an undemanding starter plant that originates from Asia. In the aquarium it will spread fast and create bright green, long and wide leaves. It is a fast growing plant that must be pruned frequently. New shoots will spread from the stem and make the plant look bushier. The cuttings can be re-planted in the bottom of the aquarium where new roots form quickly.

When planting this plant in the substrate try using 2 or 3 rocks to surround the stem, this will highlight the plant and help bring out the colour.


by Julie B. on 20/10/2019

Hygrophila are fantastic plants and grow well, really like this addition to our tank.

by Caroline E. on 18/10/2019

Great plant. Split into 3 and showing signs of new shoots at the base.

by Julie B. on 19/9/2019

Another great and healthy plant. Growing well.

by Andy P. on 4/9/2019

Big healthy plants arrived very well packed. Got eleven plants from the two pots I ordered, what a bargain!

by Jon S. on 16/8/2019

Lovely plant, fits my tank lovely.

by Jason S. on 24/6/2019

Arrived in good condition, had to be pruned back and split as it was so tall. It is recovering nicely and nearly ready for its first in tank pruning after one week in my non CO2 planted tank.

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