Hydrocotyle verticillata (Whorled umbrella plant)

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  • Origin: South America
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Originating from America, the Hydrocotyle verticillata with its toadstool like leaves, is a fairly simple plant to care for. In terms of size the more light intensity you have the smaller and more compact this plant will become. It isn't very fussy about CO2 or fertilisation, although good CO2 and nutrients will improve growth.

When first planting, separate the runners to include one leaf, plant into the substrate and watch it spread. Prune by cutting unwanted runners with sharp scissors.

by Reggie W. on 6/7/2018

I have tried this plant several times in the past with poor results but this specimen really took off. There was enough to create 4 separate divisions which have all sprouted healthy new growth. It does seem to appreciate higher lighting levels so I use a LED desklight for a few hours a day to give it a boost

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