Hydrocotyle tripartita

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Hydrocotyle tripartita is a beautiful plant and is very easy on the eye. From the same family as Hydrocotyle sp Japan, it grows fast and compact making it the ideal foreground plant. The green leaves are intense which really draws your attention.

To keep this plant staying low to the substrate, simply push it down gently with your fingers. This is a great way to ensure it grows as a carpet plant.

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by Ryan S.
Arrived in great condition and is growing well already.

by Jason M.
All good

by Robert S.
Beautiful plant, good quality !!! Fully recommend!

by Ernest S.
I love Hydrocotyle plants, they look gorgeous. This one is certainly unique, a bit more "thinner" and darker-coloured than my personal favourite which I would recommend instead; hydrocotyle leucocephala. Other than that, it grows great

by Peter C.
Very disappointed, fell to pieces in days.

by Deborah H.
My plants arrived carefully wrapped and very healthy. This lovely low growing plant is growing well and a lovely green. I definitely recommend this company and plant.

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I have a two foot deep tank with a large piece of wood which rises from the substrate up to 3 inches below the water line. I seen on your site you have this plant on lava rock, am i able to attach it to wood as i am looking for a plant which does not mind being so close to light, attached to wood which will grow over the edge of the wood.


Definitely. It's a creeper so is fine on wood too.

hi, could you please give me an idea when this plant will be back in stock. Thanks


Possibly Friday - use the back in stock notification for an auto email when more arrive

Hi. I have two T8 BULBS which total 36 watts, my tank depth from the substrate to the water surface is 12 inches and the lights are 2 inches from the surface, it has 100 litres of water. Will this plant be fine for this tank if I place it as a carpet or attach it to wood 6 inches from the substrate. I only does with your NutroT.... no liquid C02 Regards Ste


If you also add Neutro CO2 then it will be fine in your setup

Hi, I have had no luck so far with several attempts at growing both Dwarf Hairgrass and Micranthemum Monte Carlo in Eco Complete in my low tech tank., all failing to root properly. I read on a forum that Eco Complete is too coarse for the fine roots of these plants, and that Hydrocotyle Japan might be a better option. Do you think I would have more success with this? I feed with Fourish Complete and Excel, plus Pottassium, though I intend to switch to Easylife when thse run out.


Tripartita is a very easy to grow plant as it creeps over the substrate nicely - regardless of which type you have.  In terms of fertilisers consider Neutro T and Neutro CO2 - you'll get excellent results with them.

tried to purchase some Tripartita from your site after putting my payment option in and pressing pay your system would not let me pay unless i went through pay pal


Pls cal us so we can take order over phone

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