Hydrocotyle leucocephala (Brazilian pennywort)

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  • Dimensions: up to 60cm
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  • Origin: South America
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Originating from Southern Mexico the Hydrocotyle leucocephala is one of the less demanding aquatic plants happy in most tanks, this little beauty is perfect for beginners. You can train this plant to grow around wood or along the floor by tying to wood or weighing down. Alternatively you let just let it grow, where it can reach heights of up to 60cm.

This is a perfect plant for covering air pumps or filters etc. Just plant in a good substrate and use Aqua Fine Line to tie to whatever you want it to cover...simple.

by brian k. on 11/10/2019

good quick dispatch

by kathleen w. on 23/9/2019

healthy plant, but i thought it is overpriced

by James B. on 27/8/2019

Brought two and both are a good size. Doing great in the tank and looking healthy

by robert g. on 22/8/2019

very nice plant, not quite as big as the picture makes it look but nice.

by Christine W. on 18/7/2019

Good value healthy and pest free.

by Paul B. on 20/6/2019

Great plant, grows well and has been trained around a filter outlet tube, when at surf ace keeps going and creats a lilly pad effect.

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is it really easy to grow? I want something simple and no trouble

Very very easy to grow :)

Would this plant grow in a coldwater goldfish tank???


No the only plant that would grow in a cold water tank is the Dimersen Bunch



Is this plant Goldfish proof? (it's a heated tank)


Possibly. It's reasonably tough.

can this be used as a floating plant, If so, what preparation do I need to do if any?


No - you'll need to plant in substrate 

How big do the leaves get



Is this the same Pennywort that is invading British waterways and is recognised by the Environment Agency as an invasive species jQuery11110527627947173072_1536687279242?



how long from receiving plants, can you leave till putting into tank?


when cold, a couple of hours

I bought this a few weeks ago, it's growing well but has gone very pale even yellowish. What am 8Idoing wrong?


needs more food. What fertilisers are you offering and how much?

Hello again. I'm adding TNC complete at the recommended dose once a week. Looking at the plants now, a week later, the edges of the leaves are browning and they are looking quite wilty. However there is strong growth of new shoots/offspringjQuery111109803527138985892_1549097268399?


I’d recommend Neutro T instead as we have working knowledge of that fwetiliser. It’s much more popular.

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