Hydor Rotating Water Deflector

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The Hydor Rotating Water Deflector is a rotating water deflector (with adaptors to fit most wster outlets included).

It can be used in either tropical or marine aquariums. It has a 360 degree rotation guaranteed by the water flow of the Pump / Filter, giving you a most beneficial wave effect which gives you a gentle movement which is ideal for plants.

  • 360 Degree rotation guaranteed by the water flow of the pump/filter.
  • Creates a beneficial wave effect which moves plants and CO2 and fertilisers.
  • Functions with no extra energy consumption.
  • Min & Max Flowrate 300/1200 l/h .
  • Min & Max Flowrate 80/310 gph.
  • 2 year Guarantee.
  • No electrics needed.
  • Size of 4.cm x 5.5cm.

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