Hydor Koralia Circulation and Wave Pump 900 l/h

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KORALIA NANO 900l/h specifically for planted aquariums to improve water distribution.

Suitable for tanks of 60L-100L

In planted tanks CO2 is rarely distributed correctly and as a result algae grows. Similarly with nutrient distribution water tends to move in only one direction from the filter - this simply isn't enough in a high tech tank. The addition of a koralia solves this issue.


  • Very small - only 6cm
  • Sphere joint - adjustable flow direction
  • Magnetic suction cup support
  • Controllable - can be connected to a timer
We regularly hear hobbyists who suffer from algae in their planted aquariums and don't realise the importance of a pump like the Koralia. As soon as it's placed in your aquarium it begins to work immediately. Moving CO2 around your tank is paramount to success.

This product is small and unobtrusive and will blend is easily to your aquarium.

Once you've used one you'll never look back. Order today by phone or on the website.

by Frank Y. on 24/1/2020

Works very well

by Raymond M. on 29/6/2018

Excellent little pump I’ve had one before so I know that it would be perfect for circulation of my co2 and fertilisers

by Carolyn T. on 19/4/2018

Good product at a competitive price

by Michael C. on 8/1/2018

This pump is very good quality indeed. Does its job well. I particularly like the magnet mounts, very strong and allows positioning anywhere in the tank . Much better than suction cups. Delivery was particularly speedy.

by Joan B. on 6/3/2017

Very good little pump its the second one i've brought just enough flow for me easy to fit and with the magnet which is very strong can place anywhere

by Jeff S. on 11/1/2017

The pump works fine but the power lead is very short which means I've had to mount the pump much higher in my tank than I would have liked. My tank is a little deeper than normal @ 75cm but that's why I wanted the pump, to improve circulation in the bottom of the tank.

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Just finished setting up a c02 system in my trigon 190.Would the Wave Pump 900 Be ok? for moving c02 round my tank. Many thanks Ian :)

I suspect it would be fine for your set up :)

Which size should I buy for 150 litre tank with external eheim 2026 output 950 l/hr ?


this size is fine

I have a 200l tank and just wanted to know if I'd require one or two 900l circulation pumps in order to move the water around more effectively?


Depends on the strength of your filter and if you have rocks and wood that will easily block the flow. If you so have lots buy 2. If not buy 1.

Hi, does this come with a uk 3 pin plug, thanks?



How long is the flex,?


220cm long


220cm long

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