Newa Circulation Wave Pump 1900 l/h

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Newa Wave 2, 1900l/h specifically for planted aquariums to improve water distribution. This model is adjustable which means you can use with small tanks all the way up to larger aquariums.

For tanks of 45-200L

In planted tanks CO2 is rarely distributed correctly and as a result, algae grows. Similarly with nutrient distribution water tends to move in only one direction from the filter - this simply isn't enough in a high tech tank. The addition of a Newa Circulation Pump solves this issue.



  • Very small - only 7x4cm
  • Sphere joint - adjustable flow direction (360 degrees)
  • Magnetic holder with ball joint
  • Self-cleaning
  • Uses a mere 2.6W of power and moves 3200 l/h


We regularly hear hobbyists who suffer from algae in their planted aquariums and don't realise the importance of a pump like the Newa Circulation Pump. As soon as it's placed in your aquarium it begins to work immediately. Moving CO2 around your tank is paramount to success and avoiding dead spots is equally important. Remote control not included with this pump (it's not needed anyway).

This product is small and unobtrusive and will blend in easily to your planted aquarium.


Cable length = 1.8m

Once you've used one you'll never look back. A must for any planted aquarium.

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by Heidi H.
Moves the water around perfectly, I have 3 goldfish and they are not bothered about the movement. Look forward to seeing good results in the tank now I have adequate movement all around. Easy to fit and use.

by Chris A.
Great little pump, I’ve got it in my 90ltr tank and it moves all the plants around perfectly

Unit is nice and compact,the magnets are very strong ,no more plastic suckers coming off The casing is a bit flimsy and i dont think the flow adjuster makes much of a difference However the pump does a good job off circulating water/additives around the tank

by Christopher D.
Excellent product just what was needed in my planted aquarium speedy delivery and brilliant service thanx

by Eric P.
Just purchased a second pump for the other end of the tank (as I hinted in previous review). Absolutely delighted with both of them. The water is moving well, no algae issues whatsoever and so quiet I have to keep checking to make sure they are still working.

by Eric P.
Nice and compact. Moves a serious amount of water for such a small pump. Considering buying another one for the other end of the tank.

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Thanks for the answer, is this Pamp (Neither) must working all the time or only day/night time?


Keep them on all the time

I have a 200 liter/170 after accounting for decor-substrate, planted tank. Would this model be the best option for me or should I go with the more powerful wave maker which is rated 2200 l/h? The difference in cost is negligible . I have a Maxijet 900MP powerhead which I bought when I had large fish (15cm plus) that enjoyed a good current, however I now keep small species ,and I don't want my fish blown all over the tank. Thanks, Lou


In that case go for this model - it will be ideal for your tank

Hi, I have a140L planted aquarium with various shrimp. Do you think this pump is safe with young shrimp. Thanks, Andy


Probably yes

Morning. I have a 160l tank, at the moment sparsely planted at either end. Is there a specific place to site the pump or is it a case of trial and error? I have a filter at one end at the rear and the heater roughly in the middle of the tank at the rear. Thanks for any advise. Eric.


position it in the same direction as filter outlet

Does this power head come with the control unit to increase and decrease the flow speed


no - there's a small section on the side which moves to allow the flow to be manually adjusted

Hi, I have a 220 litre tank, always suffered with algae, would this help, if so which one would I need. I use liquid co2, with liquid nutrient. The tank is a jewel with built in filter. Thank you


You need the next size up

I have this and it’s fantastic. I have one question, when I clean it when doing my water change I use cotton buds to clean around it. I’m new to a planted aquarium and sometimes disturb the soil, I get black residue in my filter and circulation pump, which I clean off, the only bit I can’t clean is down the propellor hole of the pump as the cotton bud won’t fit down. Can you recommend any cleaning tools? Many thanks.


No, we don't stock any tools for this.

I have a question here, I have a 115L tank that needs something like this, would this Item be okay for my size tank or would it be too big?


It's fine for your tank

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