Hydor ETH External Heater 200W (12mm)

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This is the first and only inline heater available to hobbyists and the brilliant design means it keep your water temperature more stable than ANY OTHER TYPE of heater. The PTC heating elements guarantees maximum safety against over heating.

Suitable for all external filters (simply choose the heater which uses the same size tubing as yours). You can also use with sump tanks. For more details, watch the video below.

by stephen w. on 30/12/2017

Top quality heater from hydro, perfect for all aquascapers out there . Easy to install and keeps your aquarium to your desired temperature A massive thumbs up from me ????

by Craig Newman on 10/3/2014

If you want your tank free of "clutter" then an external heater is a first step to getting there. The Hydor does exactly what you want from a heater: it heats water. I have a hugely over filtered tank and prefer to maintain quite a high flow rate the Hydor copes perfectly, the temperature setting is quite accurate and the unit seems to be off more than it is on. Is it better than an ordinary heater? No. Would I recommend it? Yes. Will I buy another if/when it dies? Yes.

by Anthony Derry on 27/5/2012

perfect heater! works great. recomended.

by Liam Craddock on 23/2/2012

A great heater to clear up some room in your tank. Easy to use and so stable.

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Hello Would it be possible to run this heater on an ADA mini M aquarium even though the wattage is rated at 200 watt? I have seen images of these set up with small tanks but just not sure if it would burn out due to turning on and off all time. Regards Rob


Yes it would be fine. The smaller the tank, the less often the heater has to work so in theory it should last longer.

Hi would this heater be suitible for a 200 litre aquarium?



Hello, I am a beginner researching creating an aquarium, and I was wondering if this would work on a small 10l tank?

Yes it would work fine!

I require a heater on the output of a RO filter system in order to bring the water temperature to the correct level before doing a water change on my tanks, would this work to bring water from (in winter) 5 Deg C to 22 Deg C, and if so, what would be the throughput(flow rate available)


It would only work if you could connect it to 12mm hosing - RO units have 4mm if I am right?

it looks like the flow though may be insufficient as the RO I am looking at will deliver 50 Gall (say 230 Litres) per day, but yes it could be provided with a 12mm connection delivering at that speed

Hi, Ive read that the Hydor inline was discontinued/recalled due to recurring issues and a new model was due for release early 2014. Are these the newer models? Thanks.


Yes these are the latest models of 2014

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