Hottonia palustris

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Hottonia palustris originated from Asia and Europe is an unassuming and easy beginner plant. The many curved shoots with fanned and intensely light green leaves quickly create a close group. Each stalk becomes 4-6cm wide and 10-30cm high.

Frequent cutting of the long shoots is important and ensures growth from the bottom of the plant, and maintains the close, bushy form.  If you don't trim the plant regularly it will become top heavy which isn't ideal. The plant’s wide form of growth makes it very suitable for the passage between very low and tall plants and the light green colour makes beautiful contrasts possible.

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by Bea D.
Arrived safely and in good condition. Growing wonderfully now

by Miss L.
Beautiful little plant; unfortunately, it died within a few weeks, the leaves seemed to be melting away, it just disappeared. When I saw that it wasn't happy I moved it to a shadier part of the tank, but it was too late, never recovered. Other than too much light, I can't think of anything else why it died. Could it have been hard water?

by stephen s.
PLease do not edit/remove the following source as it is an important part of the review. Puddleplants The Barn,C wmceiliogF awr, Taliaris LlandeilSo A197 NL I've failed to get Hottonia to grow for about three years now and consequently regarded it as difficult, having tried pond edge and aquaria with added nutrients. This time I have had surprising success. The Aqua Essentials plants were in excellent condition to start with and this time I tried a small aquarium in the house to keep a careful eye on them. The room faces East and gets the morning sun. The procedure was: 1. clean the tank and remove ALL duckweed plants, fronds and seeds, 2. Put in a good deep (2") layer of the aquarium soil (supplier address included). 3. Top of with very carefully washed (several washes using a hose) soft sand. This was a minimal layer (about 1/2" or less). 4. plant Hottonia by pushing roots through the sand into the soil (tried forceps and finger). 5. plants were planted separately...not i

by Angie B.
Arrived after 5 days in good condition. Plant has been in tank for 5 days now and seems to be doing well.

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