Hemianthus callitrichoides (Baby Tears)

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  • Dimensions: up to 10cm
  • Model: P2020673
  • Origin: South America
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Again one of the most popular planted aquarium plants, this little beauty will transform your tank. The Hemianthus callitrichoides originated from Cuba, west of Havana and is one of the smallest aquarium plants. With round leaves that are only millimeter's in size.

If planted in clumps a few cm's apart it will spread rapidly creating a carpet look over the bottom. Lots of attention required but the reward is definitely worth the effort.

Use 1 pot per 15x15cm area


by Brian G. on 10/2/2020

Excellent plant, followed the video instructions to divide and plant. The plants appear to have taken in my aquarium.

by Neil E. on 21/10/2019

Absolutely love this delicate little plant, will look fabulous once its spread over the foreground of my tank

by Martin B. on 14/6/2019

Excellent plant growing well delivered quickly and well packed will buy again

by Steven G. on 5/4/2019

Great plants. Delivered in fantastic condition

by Gail C. on 15/3/2019

I found these little plants in rock wool difficult to separate into much smaller plantlets as I'd intended. Their roots are very delicate indeed. We'd intended to plant them so they eventually produce a manicured carpet at one side of the tank. Time will tell.

by Stewart T. on 28/1/2019

Decided a while ago was wasn't going try grow a carpet, because I just can't get there with it then saw your advert for Baby Tears & thought I would give it 1 last try, unfortunately it has just turned out the same so now I will give up trying grow a carpet. ( if u have any ideas as 2 what I'm doing wrong please let mr know, tried Hairgrass & a few other plants they are planted in sand fed liquid CO2, & FERTILISER, tried substrate, also tried straight into gravel ) please any help Thanks

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