Gymnocoronis spilanthoides (Spadeleaf plant)

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  • Dimensions: up to 60cm
  • Model: P2020665
  • Origin: South America
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A lovely green plant with reasonably large leaves the Gymnocoronis spilanthoides looks best when planted in groups of 2 or 3. Native to the southern half of South America, it has since become established in warm regions elsewhere in the world.

Accepting of a wide range of conditions you won't find this plant hard to keep, with adequate light and CO2 this plant can reach heights of 60cm.  Allow adequate space between the stems when planting, It grows very quickly and as a result helps to keep algae at bay.

by david j. on 21/2/2019

1ST Class Plant Thank you

by Eric H. on 10/2/2019

All the plants from AE are excellent, though wouldn't choose this one again, partly because my gourami seem to rather partial to munching this one

by Nick G. on 19/2/2018

Does what is says on the tin......great plants...

by Emma C. on 1/2/2018

Arrived quickly, good packaging and very healthy plant. Taken well in the tank and grown well in a couple of weeks.

by Catalin Romeo B. on 16/9/2017

It's growing, got two of them that already when out of my tank :) and the rest are growing.

by Graham B. on 17/8/2017

The supplied plant is top quality, the best i have seen anywhere, packaging and delivery shows the company has a deep understanding of the care required to get the plants to there destination in a creditable condition Recommended to professional and amateur aquarists

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what size do i recieve

Anything from 15cm and up is a general size of this plant

Does the plant need pruning


Yes - as does every plant. This one grows quite fast so trim every 2 weeks.

How do I trim this plant? Do I cut it just below the leaf or just above the leaf. Thanks



Hi, I bought this plant from you and it is not doing well, the top leaves are thinning and starting to curl, it has good lighting for 8hrs per day, Co2, flourish excel - flourish iron - flourish potassium at the recommended doses, I also bought the neutro liquid carb from you and I give the recommended dose. Could have a guess as to what could be happening to this plant?


Why only flourish iron and potassium as nutrients? What about all the other nutrients the plant needs?

if your using pressurised CO2 then best to use Neutro+ as your fertiliser .

from what you describe your plant is becoming nutrient deificit so needs more food 

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