Genchem White Pellet 50g

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White Pellets specifically designed for all types of freshwater shrimp such as Tiger, Cherry, Crystal Reds etc. With CRS and Bee Shrimp, the main function of the food is to bring out and white banding.

Special features:

  • Decrease Pigment Loss
  • Easy to moult formula
  • Easy to eat

We recommend that you feed this product daily - just enough that your shrimp will consume all within 1 hour or so.

by Peter Daverson on 11/8/2015

Spot on service , ten out of ten

by Lina Maniusyte on 19/2/2015

bigger than expected and nice spoon inside!

by Michael Pritchard-barrett on 11/8/2011

Shrimps like it. Doesn't make a mess. Annoying pack, would prefer a pot with screw top but it's a minor quibble.

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