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If you have planaria in your tank, you will know what a pain they are living in your aquarium. If you're not sure what they look like, they're white (sometimes pink) flattish worms that tend to be about 10mm long and eat pretty much everything (apart from plants).

Planaria scavenge food and as a result are impossible to get rid of. They will also compete with shrimp, and if allowed will attack them or their eggs. If you feed your shrimp food, planaria will get there first which is what makes them so hard to get rid of. In the past it has always been difficult treating a shrimp tank with anything, particularly a wormer which gets rid of Planaria. Shrimp are very sensitive and as a result can easily be effected.

Genchem No Planaria eradicates planaria without effecting shrimp.

* A safe treatment without effecting shrimp or plants
* Biodegradable
* Contains Betal Nut Palm Extract

Remove carbon from your filter prior to dosage and dose according to packet instructions paying careful attention not to over dose. After 72 hours perform a 25% water change and use activate carbon in your filter for a few days.

Be sure to dose the correct amount.

This product has been around for over 10 years and is well tested - the only complaints which ever come are when customers don't know how to calculate the exact amount of water in their aquarium. This means taking into consideration:

* Rocks
* Substrate
* Wood
* Gravel
* Decor
* Filters

OR ANYTHING ELSE which is in your aquarium.

Let's say your aquarium is 100L (when empty) - how much water do you really have when taking into account the above. 70L maybe? Maybe not (might be less or more but it's your responsibility to work this out). If you dose the correct amount it says then you won't have issues.

Do make sure you're aware of what effect it can have on snails so if you have nerite snails etc, rehome them whilst you're treating and don't put them back in until you are positive all the No Planaria is gone. One the treatment has run it's course use Seachem Purigen or Carbon to remove any traces. You have to consider all livestock.

by John G. on 31/3/2020

The product was so easy to use. Clear instructions and cleared my planaria problem straight away. Would definitely recommend.

by sean m. on 8/7/2019

It does what it says on the tin.

by Russell F. on 29/3/2019

Worked a treat can highly recommend.

by Ben S. on 5/3/2019

Fantastic product!! I have tried a few remedies to rid my planaria problem and it really was a problem, but at day 1 there were none in my tank and my shrimp are still doing well a week after I finished the treatment. I would recommend this product to all fellow shrimp keepers. I do not have any fish in that tank however and so I can’t comment on what impact it might have, if any, on a community tank. Having seen those who keep a community tank also having the same success as I did with ‘no planaria’, I would also probably also use it in a community aquarium.

by Bengt O. on 2/2/2019

Very good!

by Bart H. on 22/11/2018

Works :)

Ask a question about this product
Is this product safe to use on a ramshorn snail tank?


It should be fine - shrimp are more sensitive then snails and it's OK for them. If in doubt, start with a half dose and monitor.

Ive read somewhere that this product can be used to eradicate freshwater limpets which have hitched a ride into my tank. Have you had any experience of this being used for this purpose? Sam


Hi Sam

Not heard of that before. Be worth a try though...

Hi, I am very curious how the product actually works. I know that other products containing Fenbendazole restrict the absorption of glucose and so killing them off but what is the process with No Planaria please. Neon

Nut palm extract does the job instead

Obviously, but how? neon

Not sure. Waiting for response from wholesaler.


I've now heard back from manufacturer. The No Planaria causes an eating disorder with the Planaria. That's why we need to wait for 72 hours and to keep dosing if No-planaria doesn't work with some strong planaria.

What does the dosage one spoonful equate to?


I'm not sure to be honest. Have you lost your spoon?

The No-planaria says one spoonful per 50 liters. Does that mean a teaspoon or tablespoon?


ah right. A small spoon comes with the packet :)

So there is a spoon inside the package in the powder?




I dosed my tank with the second dose of No-planaria last night, and noticed the water was quite cloudy this morning. That did not happen after the first, larger dose, the previous day. Any thoughts? Last, and smallest dose due tonight.


nothing to be concerned about - just a reaction with your water :)

Thanks. Will finish final dose tonight, and then do 25% water change while adding carbon to the Eheim on the next night.

Should you mix the powder with a small quantity of aquarium water before adding it to the tank?


Yes that's a good idea :)

I am using Seachem Purigen instead active carbon.Do I need to remove it before using Genchem No Planaria ???


Will this work on nematodes? If not can you recommend an alternative product safe for use in a shrimp tank?


It might but specifically designed for planaria.

I have red cherry shrimps and neon tetras - I also a cannister filter using a normal sponge filter I don't use carbon filters - I can't see the instructions on the package image, do I simply add the content directly into the water (as per dosage)?


instructions are on the package so don't worry - very easy to follow

I have just discovered the planaria in my African dwarf frog tank. There are no fish or shrimp in there. Is it safe to use with my frogs? Emma


Probably but there is no mention of frogs on the instructions 

Hiya, does this also kill Hydra? And also how many litres does this packet treat? Thanjs


no - search for hydra on the site as we sell stuff for that


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