Genchem No Planaria 50g

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If you have planaria in your tank, you will know what a pain they are living in your aquarium. If you're not sure what they look like, they're white flattish worms that tend to be about 10mm long and eat pretty much everything (apart from plants).

Planaria scavenge food and as a result are impossible to get rid of. They will also compete with shrimp, and if allowed will attack them or their eggs. If you feed your shrimp food, planaria will get there first which is what makes them so hard to get rid of.

In the past it has always been difficult treating a shrimp tank with anything, particularly a wormer which gets rid of Planaria. Shrimp are very sensitive and as a result can easily be effected.

Genchem No Planaria eradicates planaria without effecting shrimp.


  • A safe treatment without effecting shrimp or plants
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains Betal Nut Palm Extract

Remove carbon from your filter prior to dosage and dose according to packet instructions paying careful attention not to over dose. After 72 hours perform a 25% water change and use activate carbon in your filter for a few days.

by David Clough on 31/7/2015

Have not actually dosed the tank as yet but I am sure the product will do as it says on the bag. I am impressed with the customer relations of Aqua Essentials.

by William Parker on 10/7/2015

As I don't like putting anything in the water that I don't have to, I haven't used this yet, restricted feeding has stemmed the planaria problem for now, I'll keep it at hand just in case they come back. From the reviews I have read and seen on YouTube this gets positive feedback from everyone.

by Alexander Stathopoulos on 1/5/2014

3 days dosing. Bye bye planaria... Amazing and shrimp-safe. It works, buy it.

by Charlotte Law on 28/1/2014

excellent stuff, does exactly what it says and as always came on time.

by Robin Castley on 13/11/2013

Not cheap but it certainly did what it says. Four days and my shrimp tank appears to be free of planaria and my shrimps are fine.

by Daniel Gray on 5/4/2013

This is probably the only best product out on the market which actually eradicates all of the white worms in the shrimp tank. It comes as a white powder form and does turn your water cloudy for half an hour or so, but after a few dosings - the worms have gone! And the shrimps are swimming around without a care in the world. Great product.

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