Genchem Biomax Freshwater Shrimp Food - Size 3

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Biomax is a nutritious specialist shrimp food designed for all types of freshwater shrimp such as Cherry, Tiger, Bee, Amano, CRS etc.

Highly palletable and nutritious by feeding your shrimp this food will enable them to grow quickly and healthily.  Biomax will turn your dull coloured shrimps into bright and shining after 15 days of feeding Biomax food. Some other benefits are:

1. nutritional balance
2. enhancement of pigment
3. reliable replacement of fresh feeds
4. water quality remains optiomal
5. induce moulting

This food is available in 3 different sizes.

Size 1 - Designed specifically for baby shrimp as it contains valuable nutrients which help improve the survival rate of young shrimp.

Size 2 - Specifically for juvenile shrimp as the pellet size is just right for their own size.

Size 3 - Specifically for adult shrimp which offers selected nutrients for breeding promotion.

Feeding guidelines: Feed approximately 30% of the daily food in the morning and the remaining 70% after lights have gone out.

by Brian B. on 26/1/2020

Bought this product predominantly for my shrimp as a little extra treat, really in tank to help with ant Algae etc. Only trouble is guppies also love it! Following AE advice will probably feed after lights out, maybe give shrimps a better chance, but they don't get bullied around anyway! Thanks for advice AE, kind regards, B

by Norman Norton on 20/5/2016

Good delivery time shrimp have taken to it straight away very good product

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Hi, I've bought this product for my 5 shrimp in my Aqua One 55 litre tank. Lots of plants but no fish in there yet. I have been giving them some other shrimp food but bought this one on recommendation from the site, but only instruction is to mix with water and add to the tank. Can you advise how much, realise it should only be a very small amount but can you advise?


Start with half a tea spoon, if it hasn't all gone within 12 hours its too much !! reduce it and try again :-)

If its gone within say 4-6 hours it may not be enough but this is very unlikely

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