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If you’ve got a planted tank, you can face one or two issues (to say the least), especially in the startup days. You might have also been running your tank for months or even years and have seen a gradual decrease in plant growth yet an increase in algae and you’re just not sure why. You could have received lots of advice from elsewhere and you’re just rather confused by what is the appropriate steps - this isn't uncommon and you are not alone.

This is where we can help.

This consultation is a chance to fix your tank and put you on the right road to success. We’ll advise you where you have gone wrong and what you need to change to make it right. Sometimes these changes are easy (like extra water changes or reducing lighting) or sometimes there will be many things you need to do. Whatever the reasons are, we’ll give the correct information which will turn your tank around so your plants start growing again and looking like nature intended.

Once you’ve made this purchase, you’ll receive an email with a list of questions so look out for it. You may need to check your SPAM folder in case it's gone there.

You’ll be asked to fill this in and then send through pictures of your current set up just so we can see what your tank looks like. It always helps to diagnose with a picture as you can probably imagine.

Once you’ve received your email and filled it out with all the answers, Richard will provide the diagnosis within 3 working days.

You’ll then receive an email with what you need to do and the changes which are required.

You may need further equipment to make this happen so bear this in mind but either way, you will be advised what you need and why it's important.

It’s then up to you to decide if you’ll take the appropriate action. Sometimes (and you might be surprised to hear this), the advice given is ignored but this is of course up to you. In our experience, when advice is free, no action sometimes takes place - the customer nods their head in agreement, says they take everything on board and then a few weeks later they come back to us and ask the same question again…

But when you pay for something, it’s often a different result. You’ll treat this advice seriously (because it's cost you) and you’re also getting a 1:1 which is what makes the difference. Time is valuable and spending it wisely is always the best option.

Shortly after the advice is given you’ll receive a follow-up call (Monday - Friday and time will be agreed) where you have the chance to discuss the advice and chat about anything else regarding your tank. Be prepared for this call and write down any questions you might still have.

The beautiful thing about this concept is you get advice from Richard who is a market leading expert in planted aquariums, and there’s no question he cannot answer. With 20+ years of experience behind him and dealing with thousands of customers, the investment you are making with this consultation is invaluable.

With the right advice and an actionable plan, your planted tank will improve and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the end result.

by Drop In C.
Richard was very patient and explained what I needed to do in order to fix the issues I have. 3 months down the line, I'm very happy. The consultation certainly worked and I'm a lot wiser for it. Money well spent.

by Neil S.
Richard’s ‘fix my tank’ consultation service is superb if you are struggling to get your planted aquarium ‘just right’. An email questionnaire with follow up advice and a lengthy phone conversation and my tank is finally approaching my vision. After a long phone conversation with Richard I understand a lot more about the water chemistry of a planted aquarium and that has really helped me get my tank how I imagined it to look like. A really worthwhile investment.

by John H.
I consulted your fix my tank service and the advice given has WORKED , I am still implimenting some of the advice as changes take time and a little money but the plants in my tanks now generally look better and are overhauling the algae, My skill and artistic taste are evolving more improvement is available and I think I know how to go about it So watch this space. No gardening skill can be wholly covered by a set of instructions and I learn as I go initially I did not appriciate that the plants are grown out of water and look different when established submerged and the light intensity preferred by the various plants did not strike home with me till I had a go at killing some and then resurrecting them.The comments you made about plant fertiliser and liquid carbon and dosage are all the more bourne out now I have been using the products you sell rather than what I had from the local shop, they did work to begin with which fudged the issue for a bit Also I started out with far too

by Chris R.
Easily the best value £30 I've spent on my aquarium. Richard provided clear answers and guidance on how to implement them. The results are even better than I'd hoped and the support is invaluable. My tank is healthier than ever and looks better than I'd thought was achievable. This is an outstanding product and in the long term will save a lot of wasted money, time and effort.

by Lyndy H.
I can not praise the ‘fix my tank’ consultation enough! I have struggled with algae and co2 levels. Richard was so patient and knowledgeable .... and honest with what will and won’t work in my tank. Just do it ..... it’s well worth it! Lyndy

by Lesley S.
Excellent value - Richard sent me a questionnaire which I completed and he then sent me an extremely detailed email with suggestions followed up by a long telephone conversation. Also good is the fact that it doesn't end there, he provides ongoing support as well. I can't praise this consultation enough. If only there had been something like this years ago when I first started my fishtank hobby. It would have saved so much time and money :) Thank you Richard!

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I have a planted tank but I'm keen to add carpeting foreground plants. I don't have a spare tank where I can relocate fish to enable easier planting, so I'd love to hear of any tips for planting in an established aquarium. Substrate is tropica soil with a 2-3mm gravel top layer. Thank you!


Questions like this are not related to The Fix My Tank Consultation which is a deep dive into the problems with your aquarium. Consider my newsletter tips and advice for this (copy and paste)

I have read your newsletters with great interest and made a number of changes, reduced the hours the light is on, made sure the water circulates well, adding liquid CO2, increased the water replacement, reduced that amount of food given at anyone time and have now , ist last week, totally replaced the plants. So all should be good. However ever morning, without fail, I have to remove a few leaves, which are floating on the top of the water. They don't came from the same type of plant, there is always a mixture and all of the plants loo healthy. The light is on for six hours a day and go off about three hours before I go to bed when I have checked and found no floating leaves and yet the next morning there are some. Admittedly it;s only a few each day. So why is this happening?


sounds like some plants are just settling in so not unusual - I'd check circulation is good and then see how the plants progress.

I need help I purchased red moor wood for my 120ltr aquarium. I chose red moor because upon reading about it less tannins leach into the water compared with other types of wood. It was soaked and added to my tank last Sunday. Since then not only has there been a large amount of tannins released but I now have dead and fish. From what I read tannins are not harmful so what could possibly have gone wrong. I had a perfectly healthy tank beforehand. Any help would be appreciated, I'm so devastated.


This isn't relevant to the consultation offered but I'll answer anyway.

Redmoor wood in general leaches less tannins than others. No guarantees ever offered though. Your fish dying is unrelated to tannins from wood. I suggest testing your water parameters in particular nitrite and ammonia. 

I am buying a 350L Juwel Rio tank. I have no idea how I want it to look. Would using fix my tank help with planning my aquascape or do you just fix tanks that are already done?


It's for fixing tanks which have issues so in this case, not suitable for your requirements.

I recommend having a look here

Hi Richard, I have a small branch like object (wood) and it is getting covered in a grey fungus , looks a bit like cotton wool only grey. It is only on this branch nothing else. Can you help please ? Regards Eric


Not unusual- probably sap. Over time it will stop.

Hi Richard Some time ago you recomended a solution for either dipping plants into or spraying for the removal of algea. My memory has faded along with your email. Pleasr remind me. Regards Brian Ambrose


That would be a diluted Neutro CO2

I use London tap water unheated in my aquarium. The ph is 8.2. It’s very hard water. Is it necessary to use softer water/ an RO mix with the tap water to get good healthy plant growth?



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