Filter Tubing Hose 16/22mm per meter

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Green hose for external filters that use 16mm internal diameter tubing. Thicker than most other aquarium tubing which means it doesn't kink so easily. Cheaper tubing has a thinner wall and as a result quickly kinks especially when warm. This means your flow is drastically reduced and once a weakness is shown, it continually happens - this is why we only use this brand of tubing now. It's reliable.

Ideal for replacing Eheim tubing that has become dirty or old.

This product is sold per meter so if you need 3 meters, add 3 in the quantity box.

The 16mm refers to the internal diameter of the tubing.

by Thomas M. on 22/1/2018

How do you go wrong with tubing? You can't, they didn't. No complaints. All was good. Thanks!

by John S. on 22/1/2017

Great value. Be aware that it is very soft and kinks quite easily but I have not found this to be a problem and am very happy with it.

by Emanuele Grespan on 16/4/2014

great quality and looks invisible!

by Andrew Tan on 28/11/2013

Great price, better than anywhere locally. The tube is very flexible which is perfect for me as I'll only be running short lengths through a pretty tight gap.

by michael westgate on 7/10/2013

Not very rigid pipe is both a blessing and a curse! It was a lot more flexible than what it replaced but to such an extent it can kink quite easily.... problem! I guess how you set this up and the lengths you use are a huge factor in this. Otherwise, its pipe, it works!

by Kevin Denis on 8/5/2013

I found it difficult to find a short length of 16/22 tube. All of my local shops sell long lengths at eye watering prices, or are stuck in the last century and only stock imperial sizes. Aqua Essentials came to the rescue. The tube itself feels good quality, is flexible, transparent and seals well. The down side is that it tends to kink easily. I suspect a more rigid pipe would sacrifice some of these characteristics.

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