ETI Digital Aquarium Thermometer with Min/Max Alarm

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Whether for a commercial aquarium or a home fish tank, maintaining the correct temperature is vital for the safety of your fish. Our digital aquarium thermometer and alarm is both simple enough for home use and accurate enough for commercial use.

The digital aquarium thermometer also features an alarm to give you an audible warning if the temperature of your fish tank falls outside the safe temperatures you set.

Complete with battery - you can start using this thermometer immediately.

This ETI aquarium thermometer features a large LCD display, max/min memory function to record the highest and lowest temperatures and an audible alarm. Temperature is measured over the range of -24.9 to 69.9 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C and an accuracy of ±1 °C.  

The aquarium thermometer incorporates two temperature sensors, a remote water resistant probe with one metre PVC lead that is placed inside the fish tank and an internal sensor for the room temperature. The remote probe can be mounted onto the aquarium wall using the suction pad supplied. 

The thermometer is housed in a durable ABS case and incorporates a foot-stand for shelf mounting.

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by Graham F.
works very well and accurate easy to read

by Simone M.
Cant fault it, gives accurate readings

by Alex W.
Does what it says on the tin. Easy to use and set up.

by Eric H.
I have several of these and they are superb, very accurate

by Simon W.
Accurate bit of kit for a bargain price

by Keith L.
Very accurate

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Hi. Is the thermometer probe and cable waterproof. ie can the probe and part of the cable be submerged in the tank ?


Yes the cable and probe go into the tank so the temperature is monitored

is this powered by a battery or plugged into mains ?

Batteries :)

How long is the wire to the sensor?


about 100cm

How is it an alarm if there is no sound?


There is an alarm on the unit with a small speaker for emitting sound. By noise I was referring to the running noise of the unit (which is silent!). But the alarm is plenty loud for you to hear.

I have lost my original owners manual/operating instruction booklet. Please could you tell me how to set up the min/max temperatures. Thank you, Derek.

Hi Derek. I recommend you contact ETI - they will be able to help

Hi, I also lost my instructions, but I can't seem to find contact details for ETI (not even a website), do you happen to know it? Thanks Emma


you can find them here

Is it suitable for a salt water aquarium please?


when I press any of the function buttons the screen goes blank and it makes a loud clicking noise. If I take the battery out and replace it it works for a short while but within a day gives the same fault.


Replace the battery

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