eSHa Gastropex 10ml (kills snails, combats Hydra)

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Do you struggle with snails in your tank? Perhaps it looks like they're taking over you tank and driving you crazy! If that's the case we have the answer and here are the top 4 reasons for using it:

  1. eSHa Gastropex will destroy ANY snails that you have in your tank rapidly.
  2. You can use it as a dip for new plants if you are worried about any snails coming in on plants.
  3. It clears cloudy water.
  4. Combats Hydra

It works fast and effectively. If you have any ornamental snails in your tank (like nerites, ramshorn, assasin et) remove them first.

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These snails came in with my last order from you, invoice 65436 what about free delivery on this order for eSHa Gastropex. The plants are great. Best regards


Hi there. We can never guarantee that plants don't arrive with snails unless you choose tissue culture plants. This is the only way I'm afraid.

Can this product be used with shrimp in the tank?


not recommended

Is this safe for the fish? Weve a 260ltr tank, live baring fish...guppies, platties, neons and also plecs.



Are there any fish you can't use this product with? How does it kill the snails but not the fish?


with a specific chemical it kills only snails. What fish do you have?

Hi, how long do you need to remove the ornamental snails for? I have 1 in the tank that I obviously don't want killed by this product? Thanks in advance.


Until all pests have died and you have performed at least 75% water changes and filtered with carbon 

Can I use this with Discus fish-tropical in my 450 litre tank Without harming them


There's no mention about discus on the instructions or warnings

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