Epaqmat Anubias barteri Green Wall - 16x13cm

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  • Dimensions: 16x13cm
  • Model: 43N
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Epaqmats are super exciting because they allow you to add a huge amount of colour into your aquarium instantly.

Sized 16x13cm and it looks fantastic and ideal for anyone who wants their aquarium look already grown in and appears as if you've spent months of hard work creating an amazing green carpet.

Very easy to grow you simply place it where you want it to go and that's it! Have fun and try a few of them together for an instant carpet.

Try it:

  • On the bottom of your tank
  • On the side of your tank
  • As a background of your tank

The handy suction cups mean you can liternally place it where ever you like - you can even chop it up into smaller pieces if you prefer.

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