Echinodorus tricolour

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The Echinodorus tricolour was created in a nursery in the Czech Republic, the name tricolour literally mean three colours and this realates to the oblong leaf blades with an obtuse tip that can grow in three different colours, each leaf can also reach 15cm in length given the right conditions.

The leaves will be light green and can even have a pinkish glow, they will turn a deep darker green as they mature. A happy plant will produce a nice white flower

by Frank F. on 4/1/2019


by Stephen G. on 22/10/2018

As usual with Aqua Essentials the plants arrived promptly, safely and in excellent condition. They are looking good, planted in one corner of the aquarium, and hiding the pump and thermostat. A good type of plant for the back of the tank and also for hiding equipment!

by David F. on 12/10/2018

Really good strong healthy plants with lots of leaves.

by Sam McArthur on 16/8/2016

Very suprised at the condition of this plant had 4-5 yellowing/browning leaves but seems to be pulling back quite quickly now after planting and a trim 6 days on its starting to look alot happier, I will say that it's the first time in many many orders from these guys everything else ive ever had has been really lush and healthy and had great delivery so don't let it put you off.

by dennis oconnor on 7/10/2013

lovely plants thay look great in my tank...thanks for first class servise

by Patricia Thomson on 19/10/2012

Arrived very quickly. Really healthy plants in perfect condition. Will definitely order from Aqua essentials again.

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I was just wondering if this was a hardy plant to raise, I have a good strong lighting system, but no CO2. I have a normal gravel in the base of the tank with fertiliser substrate pellets which can be placed around the roots of a plant. The temp of the tank is 24 degrees, would this be a good plants to purchase, and could you recommend anymore that would be well suited to my tank? :-) thank you

Well it's certainly not taxing and would be fine in your tank. In fact any of the Echinodorus species would also be fine :)

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